10 Simple Hacks to Fall Asleep Faster
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10 Simple Hacks to Fall Asleep Faster

When it comes to sleeping we can divide people into three broad categories-

  1. Those who are unable to sleep because they are over-dependent on the internet.
  2. Those who suffer from insomnia
  3. Those who are out like a light!

Which category do you belong to? If you fall in either first or second category, this blog is for you!

The blog draws up 10 simple hacks to help you sleep faster.

Check your mattress: Sleep and your mattress go hand in hand.  If your mattress is not firm, it will result in unrested sleep and body pain. And if your mattress is more than 7 years old, it is a definite sign that it is time to change the mattress. Explore the mattress range from FLO mattresses India’s leading online mattress company. They are affordable and offer two types of mattress - ergonomic mattress and orthopedic mattress. To know more about FLO mattresses click here.

Switch off the internet: If you are someone who likes to keep scrolling down, watching movies et al, shut down the internet atleast an hour before bedtime. Remember this also includes turning off the mobile data connection. Keeping the distractions away will help relax the mind and prepare it for some restful sleep. Needless to say, it is also essential that you turn off all other gadgets at least an hour before bedtime.        

Keep an alarm: We mean an alarm to remind you that its bedtime. It's important that you follow fixed timings to go to bed. A sleep routine is crucial for the body to establish a rhythm. It is best to count backward and switch off the electronics and internet an hour before your alarm goes off.

Hide the clock: If you have trouble falling asleep, then looking at the clock constantly will make you more anxious. Increased anxiety levels can further delay the sleeping process. So, keep it simple and hide the clock once you are in bed, to avoid the vicious cycle.

Drop the temperature: Being comfortable when you go to sleep is very important. Studies have proven that sleeping in a hot environment increases wakefulness. So, it is advisable to keep the room temperature a notch lower to help you fall asleep. Also ensure that your mattress is breathable and keeps you cool while sleeping. Some mattresses trap the heat generated by the body, making it hot to sleep.  

Take a shower: Some sleep experts recommend a warm shower before bed. When you come out of a warm shower to a room that is cooler, the body temperature lowers sooner and one may fall asleep sooner.

Practice Yoga: Practicing Yoga not only improves physical strength and flexibility but can help fall asleep sooner, improve mental focus and relieve stress. Certain asanas when practiced before bed can help to induce sleep. Some of them are Hastapadasana, Marjariasana and Shishuasana. Research has shown that Yoga helps to improve several aspects of sleep including sleep efficiency, total sleep time as well as sleep onset latency (the amount of time one takes to fall asleep), among many others.

Eat right: Your dietary patterns and habits play a key role in sleep. A heavy meal loaded with carbohydrates right before bedtime is a big no-no! Eat at least 2 hours prior to sleep. This way the body finishes the process of digestion before sleep time and can focus its energies on sleep. In unavoidable situations where your mealtime is delayed opt for a light snack instead of a complete meal. There are certain foods that help induce sleep, like certain teas and almonds.

Maintain a dairy: We humans tend to mull over the day’s events before we sleep. When your mind is thinking a lot it remains active and does not let sleep take over. Hence, maintaining a diary is recommended. Diary writing has a cathartic effect. When we pen down our daily happenings we are able to drain all the good and the bad that happened over the day into our journal/diary. So, by the time we sleep the mind is at peace and one is able to drift off easily.

Don’t share blankets: Blame it on the movies! We often see couples onscreen sharing their blanket and it looks romantic. Well, sleep experts beg to differ. If your partner is someone who likes to sleep at the other end with the blanket wound closely it will definitely be a hindrance for you. You may spend a large part of the night pulling it and tossing around. It is best to not complicate anything with regards to sleep. Have two separate blankets so each of you can sleep peacefully.

Sleep holds the key to a healthy life. And being able to fall asleep faster is a gift! Try these simple hacks and enjoy the gift to fall asleep sooner!