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8 Signs you need a new Mattress

If you have been trouble sleeping, waking up with pain or experiencing allergies, then your mattress is to blame. You should probably look at upgrading your mattress to avoid escalating these issues into something more serious.

However, one may think that our parents never changed their mattresses so why should we? Well, most of us used cotton mattresses on our childhood and if you jog back your memory, these mattresses were also redone every couple of years so the cotton was not lumpy and the outer cover was also changed to ensure that it is free of dust.

Similarly, new age mattresses also need to be changed at intervals. So, how do we determine when it is right to change our modern mattresses?  Discover the signs to identify if it is time to buy a new mattress here -

  • How old is the mattress? The first reason for the change is the age of the mattress. It is recommended that mattresses should be changed every 7-10 years. This is maximum time that your mattress can offer you comfort and support. But often we forget when we purchased the mattress. In such cases, it is better to maintain a record of the purchase details.


  • An obvious lump or sag: When you can see obvious sagging, impressions or lumps on your mattress it is time for a change. Over the years, the springs in your mattress may give way or the memory foam may become too hard or soft to give you that comfort. When these telltale signs start showing up, change the mattress.  


  • Waking up with pains: Do you wake up with a stiff body? Is there a pain in your neck, shoulder, or back when you wake up? If yes, its time for a change. Once the materials within the mattress lose their compression it doesn't offer ample support which gives rise to aches and pains. Sometimes these aches and pains last through the day too! So, don’t ignore your body’s signals-change the mattress.


  • Tired on waking up: Sometimes we feel we have slept well, but wake up feeling tired. Also at times, we may feel sleep deprived after sleeping in a particular mattress for a few days! No, you are not sick! It’s a sign that you need to change the mattress. As mentioned earlier mattresses lose their ability to give you support over a period of time giving you the tired feeling on waking up.


  • Dust allergies/sneezing: Sneezing or coughing when you sleep on your mattress or you feel you have suddenly developed a dust allergy? Then your mattress probably has become a breeding ground for dust mites. Yes, mattresses can develop not just bed bugs but also dust mites – they eat skin shedding by people and thrive in warm environments, making mattresses perfect for them. This is not just yuck, but the allergy symptoms can range from mild to severe. This definitely calls for a change!


  • Other places seem more comfortable: Has there been a time when you find yourself feeling more comfortable/sleeping soundly on the couch or in another bed? If yes, your mattress is not comfortable anymore.  Sleep is supposed to rejuvenate you for the next day. It is not worth spending sleepless nights on an uncomfortable mattress. Consider changing the mattress before the lack of sleep leads to other issues.


  • Having a baby: Very rarely do couples consider buying a new mattress when they are starting a family. Either the husband moves into another room or the wife moves with the baby. But, investing in a new mattress that can accommodate all three of you comfortably maybe a good investment. Why? A lot of bonding between parent and child happens when sleeping with the baby. So, why deprive one parent of the joy of this phase. Make the growth of your child a memorable one, with both parents participating. Buying a new mattress-for this is a very small price to pay!


  • You are getting older: Yes, you read it right! As we age, our body’s needs vary. At a younger age, a mattress that sinks in and is soft may appeal and be comfortable too. But, as we age the body may want a mattress that is firmer and offers better support to the back and pressure points. Having the same kind of mattress as we grow older may not be in favor of the aging body! Purchase a new mattress to meet the different needs of your body.

Are there any of these tell-tale signs on your mattress? Do not wait longer. Buy a new mattress today. Check out the range of mattresses at FLO. Our mattresses come in a box and are available for a 100-night sleep trial too!

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