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Go with the Flo

We designed our mattress keeping in mind features people in India care about the most.

Unparalleled spine support

Our proprietary Flo Responsive foam forms the base of our mattress, and is designed to respond accurately to pressure. The more pressure your body exerts on the mattress, the more it reacts to support you.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Keeps you cool

Our foams are infused with white gel micro-capsules that absorb heat from your body and then release it away from your body via our 3D air flow technology. So while you’re fast asleep, our mattress is hard at work.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Antimicrobial Aloe Vera Cover

Our zippered, high quality cashmere fabric cover has been specially treated with aloe vera gel that is naturally anti-microbial and will also keep your skin looking hydrated and youthful. In fact, it is so soft, that you might feel tempted to not use a bed sheet!

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover


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Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ergo
Starting From Rs. 3,489

Medium Soft


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Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ortho
Starting From Rs. 3,489

Medium Firm

Features Of Flo Mattress

Temperature sensitive memory foam

Improves blood circulation through the night and reduces tossing and turning by up to 80%.

3D air flow fabric

The spacer fabric along the periphery promotes circulation to ensure the mattress stays fresh and ventilated.

Zero partner disturbance

Sleep with someone that tosses and turns a lot in their sleep? No more waking up when they do.

Zippered removable cover

Allows you to spot clean stains without the risk of getting the foam underneath wet.

What Our Customers Have To Say?

Real, happy sleepers with real 5-star reviews.



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Works with all bed types

With Flo, We Promise

100-night sleep trial

Try us out for 100 nights. If you’re not feeling it, we guarantee you will get your money back – a full refund.

Mattress in a box

Vacuum packed and sealed in a box. Just tear the plastic and roll onto your bed, and watch the magic unfold.

10-year warranty

We’re confident in our quality, so you can sleep easy knowing we cover manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Hassle-free delivery

Free delivery across India within 14 – 21 days – guaranteed.




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Buy a mattress from Flo Mattress to Increase Your Comfort Infinitely No matter the size of your bed, your sleep will always be lacking if you do not use the right kind of mattress. We at Flo Mattress go to great lengths to ensure the comfort of our customers. We have the best minds on our team who use the latest technology to come up with a solution to the needs of all our customers. Whatever your custom requirement is we at Flo Mattress are sure that we can fulfill it!

Buy Flo Mattress for A Good Night’s Sleep
If you wish to sleep with ease and comfort and wake up feeling incredibly happy, energetic, and well-rested then Flo Mattress is the only option for you. We understand that if you wish to bring some changes in your life then that must start with your sleeping patterns and sleep quality. It is time to ditch those uncomfortable mattresses and welcome a mattress from Flo Mattress into your home with open arms. If this is not enough to convince you then simply consider the fact that according to different studies, our skin cells tend to go under the process of renovation at night. This means the better quality sleep you have the younger and beautiful you will look. This clearly shows that there is full proof of science behind the notion of the term ‘beauty sleep'. No matter what your needs are, we take care of it all at Flo Mattress! If you need a mattress which is soft and provides you with that luxurious sleep then we have got your back. However, if you are looking for a mattress which can provide that hard support to your aching back then we are here for you too! Just explore our options of custom ergo mattresses and custom ortho mattresses. You also do not have to worry about the size of your bed and mattress. We bring our mattresses in the variations of 6” and 8” thickness. We can also customize your mattress according to the size or dimensions of your bed. All of this just basically means that now you can buy custom mattresses online at a great price and with a lot of ease! All of these choices can be overwhelming and that is why we have decided to make your task easier by providing you with some guidelines. These guidelines will give you a rough picture of all the ways you can select or make a concrete decision regarding the type of mattress you want. Those guidelines are: • Browse According to the Size If the size of your mattress matters the most to you then we say that you should browse according to the size of your desired mattress. Just like there are many options when it comes to bed similarly you can also be faced with many options for the size of your mattress. At Flo Mattress, you can get your choice of queen size, king size, double bed, and single bed mattresses of your choice. • Browse According to Thickness At Flo Mattress, we provide our customers with two variants of mattresses in terms of thickness. And those two variants are of 6” and 8” respectively. Both of these mattresses are created while keeping the requirements of our customers in mind and while using only the best possible quality. • Look for Other Factors If you are looking for any other factor beyond the size and thickness of a mattress then you can also filter your search according to those parameters. Some of the parameters which you can search for include color, dimensions, price range, foam material, and other such related parameters. • Choose the Most Comfortable Mattress for Your Bed from Flo Mattress At Flo Mattress, we provide our customers with a range of comfortable mattresses to choose from. Some of the mattresses which you can purchase from us are: • Purchase a King Size Mattress If you have a king-size bed and you want that bed to have a mattress which fits comfortably and does not leave any space out then purchasing a king size mattress is the best option for you. A king size mattress will provide you with the perfect environment in which you can fully relax and rejuvenate yourself after a hard day of work. A king-size bed can also accommodate 1 to 4 people which is a big plus if you have children or some other roommate. • Purchase a Queen Size Mattress A queen size mattress is one of the most common types of bed which people tend to use. This bed is not just good for sleeping alone but can also be occupied by a couple without any party being required to make any necessary sacrifices. We also provide customers with a range of queen size mattresses to choose from. • Purchase a Single Bed Mattress If you would like your kid to have his or her separate bed or if you live alone then a single bed can also be a very good and economical option for you. And getting the right single bed mattress from us can make sure that all your nights are cozy and comfortable.

Mattresses Designed To Provide Comfort

If you are planning to buy a memory foam mattress online in Bangalore from Flomattress.com, you might be happy to know that our mattresses come in various sizes and types.