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Here's What You Must Know About Flo Mattress 

We mean every word when we say, 'We value a comfortable sleep'. The passion for delivering comfort directly to your home sowed the seed of Flo Mattress. The hard work, dedication, research, and endless testing of two years marked our journey. We tested over 130 different combinations of foams to bring the best in Flo Mattress. Our efforts have made us gain a spot in the top mattress brands in India.

We provide a comfortable sleeping experience to our customers and always try to evolve and learn from their requirements and the latest advancements in the mattress industry. Flo Mattress is engineered to provide a sound sleep with medium, soft ergonomic support. The performance of our mattresses has made us one of the best Indian mattress brands. 

At Flo Mattress, we try to deliver a rich experience to our customers. We focus on our research to bring products that can suit ordinary people's convenience. Our products are curated to give an unmatched sleeping experience to the customers. The compelling feature of our product is the 'Zero Bounce Back' feature. The mattresses are made of gel-infused memory foam, supported with a layer of proprietary Flo-Responsive foam. It ensures that you are not disturbed by your partner's movements while sleeping. It will give you a seamless sleeping experience, and you will wake up feeling fresh and energised. The Flo-Responsive Foam is just one of our product's features that have helped us mark our name in the good mattress brands in India.

The base layer of proprietary Flo responsive foam provides support to the body and spine while sleeping. It helps you maintain a correct sleeping posture. Sound sleep delays the results of ageing on your skin. Our mattresses come with a removable antimicrobial Aloe Vera infused cover to soothe the skin and keep it hydrated. Our products and people's belief in them have helped us become India's one of the best mattress brands.

The Beginning of Our Story

We commenced our journey in the year 2018. In our first operation year, we were able to sell 10,000 mattresses across India. We were able to deliver our products successfully in tier 3 and tier 4 cities of India. The fast and efficient delivery of our products made us one of the best mattress manufacturers. 

We take immense pride in our product's genuineness. Our product's warranty clause serves as a mode to exhibit our confidence in the products. We provide a warranty of ten years on our products. Moreover, our mattresses and other products come with 100 nights of free trials. Now, isn't that something to put a smile on your face! 

We have selected a perfect foam for our mattresses after considering over 130 different foam combinations. Our dedication has helped us reach the level of top mattress brands.

We introduced two product variants for our customers, the Ergo mattress and the Ortho mattress. These were introduced to enhance the sleep quality of our customers. 

The topmost layer of the Ergo mattress is made of stress-relieving memory foam. It is soft and comfortable and provides pleasant sleep to our customers. The Ortho mattress is not made of memory foam, making it firm and suitable for anyone with back problems. It is designed for older people, especially those above the age of 60 years. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the Ortho mattress includes extra support and maintenance of sleep posture. It keeps the spine, neck, and shoulder in a neutral position and helps in relieving body pain. Our product features have made us one of the best Indian mattress brands. 

The availability of other competitive bed mattress brands has helped us push our limits and offer the best to our customers. We also ensure the affordability of our products. None of our products is designed to burn a hole in your pocket. On average, the price of our 6 inches mattress costs around INR 10,000. If you are uncomfortable with a 6 inches mattress, you can opt for an 8 inches mattress, and its cost is around INR 15,000. You can also buy a king-sized bed at INR 19,500 only.

Indefinite Comfort

Our mattress comes with a heat-regulating Cashmere fabric cover. It ensures that you remain undisturbed by environmental and seasonal changes while sleeping. We manufacture our mattresses with various foams, all of which are fabricated in India. We use compressed packing technology while packaging our products. It is suitable for mobility. We take pride in mentioning that no other mattress brands in India are utilising this technology. These qualities make us one of the good mattress brands in India. 

We offer an uninterrupted sleeping experience to our customers. We are unique because our products remain incomparable in the below-mentioned aspects:

  • Product technology
  • Product packaging
  • Product durability

Our products are designed to perfection, and we give due importance to customer satisfaction. We take customer feedback as a priority, and it has helped us design and improve our proprietary Responsive foam mattress. Our customers are the driving factors in us becoming one of the best Indian mattress brands. 

We follow different parameters to check the quality of our products, and all of our products undergo a robust testing procedure. It ensures that the products are chemical-free and does not harm your body or skin in any way. The quality control procedures have made us one of the best mattress brands.

We provide on-time delivery of your product even if you live on the moon. Just kidding! We mean to say that you don't have to worry about delivery hassles. We vacuum pack your orders and shrink the parcels to one-third of their size. It makes the shifting easier and comfortable. All you have to worry about is unlocking the box and starting using the product. After unboxing, the mattress expands to its original size. We are one of the high-quality bed mattress brands in India.

We are a comfort selling company, and through this endeavour, we have served in different industries. Our clientele includes many of the most popular hotels, resorts, retailers, and even celebrities across India. You can search for us on Google instead of queries like "Where can I find mattress makers near me?". 

With our improved products and customer's support, we strive to become the most desired startup in India. We prioritise client satisfaction, and it reflects in our attempts to bring a perfect product. We try to provide excellent services and products to fulfil our aim to become the best mattress company in the eyes of our customers.

Why Choose Flo Mattress? 

A good night's sleep is crucial for the excellent health of our mind and body. It is vital to invest in a quality mattress to get unhindered sleep. Flo Mattress can serve as an ultimate choice because of its product range and quality. There are tons of reasons to prove why you should invest in the best mattress brands.

We provide an attractive offer of a 100-days free trial to our customers. You can use our products for free for the first 100 days. If you don't find our products comfortable, you can return them to us after 100 days, and you will get a complete refund. If you have queries like "Where are the best mattress dealers near me?" visit our mattress collections page, and we'll provide you with the best mattresses.

You can expect the delivery within 14 to 28 days after placing the order. We pack all our products in a box that is easy to carry. The mattress is vacuum-sealed and hence, fits in the box properly. All our mattresses come with a super soft fabric cover. It ensures an easy cleaning process and does not wet the foam layer. 

A foam mattress ensures proper blood circulation in the body. The spacer fabric maintains 3D airflow throughout the mattress edge. We have designed our mattresses to suit the requirements of every Indian, and we proudly claim that we are one of the best Indian mattress brands. 

More About Flo Mattress

Our world of comfort is supported by comfortable and cushioned mattresses. They can provide you:

  • Spine support: The Flo Responsive Foam reacts to the pressure accurately and offers excellent support to your body and spine.
  • Healthy skin: The mattress is covered with a cashmere fabric infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. The soft fabric comes with a zipper which ensures an easy cleaning process.
  • Keeps you calm while sleeping: Our mattresses absorb heat from your body and keeps it cool. It is because of the presence of white gel micro-capsules in the foam. The 3D airflow fabric releases the absorbed heat away from your body and thus helps in maintaining its temperature. 

We offer customised mattresses to fit your bed and enhance the look of your bedroom. Our mattress comes in every size and is compatible with bunk beds, divans, and king or queen-sized beds. You can find us while searching for "mattress manufacturers near me". You can place your orders on our website.

Our mattress comes with a reversible design. You can sleep on either side of the mattress. However, we recommend, you keep flipping your mattress every month to ensure its longevity. You can choose among the two variants Ortho and Ergo, and place the order. You can witness our presence while searching for the queries like "Which is the best mattress shop near me?". 

We craft our mattresses by using high-quality foam. It ensures deep sleep to our customers and also provides extra support to their bodies while sleeping. 80% of customers love the range of our Ergo mattresses, and they highly recommend it to anyone who loves softer ergonomic support. It improves blood circulation and relieves the stress from our body. The comfort layers of the mattress are mixed with gel-infused memory foam supported by a layer of Flo responsive foam.

While designing the Ortho mattresses, we seek advice from experienced professionals. It provides orthopaedic support to our users and relieves back and body pain. The top layer of an Ortho mattress consists of a high elasticity PU foam and is supported by layers of Flo responsive foam. 

We are one of the top quality mattress manufacturers, and our products speak for us. We give our best to deliver a premium sleeping experience to our customers. We thrive on excellence and have invested years in developing the best products for you.

You can look for us while searching for the best mattress company in India. 

The credit of our existence goes to our customers. They have helped us become one of the best mattress brands in India.

We feel delighted when we bring a smile to our customer's faces, and we do that by bringing different offers on our products. As one of the top mattress brands in India, we like to update our customers about our offers. You can take the help of our newsletter to get the details of different promotional offers.