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When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

When Should You Replace Your Mattress

Is it time to say goodbye to your mattress?

Picture this – it’s early in the morning. You slowly open your eyes and see the sun rays filtering in through the window. You wake up, completely fresh and recharged after the night’s restful sleep. How does it sound? Now imagine a different scenario. You open your eyes in the morning and the first thing you realize is a cramp in your shoulder. You mentally curse the bed and the mattress, which has caused the cramp and open your eyes. The sunlight hits your eyes and you feel uncomfortable because you could not get a proper sleep through the night.

Which of the scenarios sound better and which would you opt for, given a choice. Undoubtedly the first one, right? This is the effect that your mattress can have on your day and how you start or end it. We can go on and on, telling you about different scenarios being impacted by your choice of mattress, but you get the drift. The one biggest reason for you to take care and consider all the mattress buying tips available is the huge impact it has on your health, routine and happiness!

Off to a mattress buying mission!

Now that you realize the importance of buying a mattress, the next obvious question would be where to shop for mattresses? When this simple activity can have such vast consequences, isn’t it prudent that you put in much more effort, to get the one best suited for your needs. The first thing that pops into the mind, when you are exploring the best place to shop for a mattress, is your friendly neighborhood retail store.

You already know the shop and probably even the shop owner for a long time, you can see all the options available right in front of you and even touch and experience them first hand before making a buying decision. What can be better than that? Lots, apparently!

In today’s day and age when almost every necessary item is available to be bought online, is it a surprise that even mattress buying is not untouched by this phenomenon. Yes, when you are trying to find the answer to your question, “Where should I buy a mattress from?” do not miss the fact that a mattress can also be bought online. How does that help? Here are a few reasons why

  1. Options, options and options – since the online catalog does not suffer from space and storage constraints, you literally get so many options that is not possible in a physical store. You can get options based on size, thickness, features and even filling materials.
  2. Cost-effective – another important consideration when buying a mattress could be its cost and your budget. The cost incurred by the stakeholders gets built into the cost of the mattress. Since it is a major purchase decision, cost plays an important role. One of the ways to decide the best place to buy a mattress online is the price that you need to pay to buy a mattress off them.
  3. Time to deliver – When you are putting in so much effort to choose the best mattress, you would certainly want it to reach you as soon as possible. This is possible with online versions as they cut the lead time from the manufacturer to the end consumer, that is, you.

Is it really required?

With so many options available at the click of a button at a surprising amount of features built-in, it surely is very tempting to go in for purchasing a mattress. But is it really required? Do you really need to replace your existing mattress with a new one, just because it offers so many features? How do you decide whether or not to buy a new mattress? After all, only after deciding this would you look to find options of where to buy a mattress! Listed below are some of the thumb rules you can use to come to a conclusion about whether or not you need to buy a new mattress.

  1. How long have you been using your current mattress? – The typical lifespan of an innerspring mattress is 6 to 7 years and that of a latex mattress is 7 to 8 years. Most doctors and experts recommend changing your mattress if this time span is over.
  2. Is your mattress causing you to wake up frequently during the night? – The disturbed sleep can be due to one or more reasons and a doctor is the best person to be consulted. However, if you find that it is your mattress that is the culprit, it is time to replace, whether or not the lifespan of the mattress is over.
  3. Are you getting frequent body aches or back pain? – The plush mattress may look appealing and may have been advertised as the miracle cure for your sleeping problems, but it may not have been the right choice for your sleeping position. If that is so, the mattress may be doing more harm than good, causing all the back troubles and it’s time for you to say goodbye to it.
  4. Is your mattress visibly sagging? – This is the worst situation for your back and the mattress must be repaired or replaced immediately. As per many sleep experts, it is your natural posture – the slight arch of your back – that must be maintained while sleeping to completely rest your body. The sagging mattress does the exact opposite, puts pressure on your back and spine, causing a lot of health issues. Hence, replace it without thinking twice for a healthier sleep.
  5. What is the size of your mattress? – If you are a tall person, making do with a smaller mattress than your size, you are inviting more trouble than comfort. The small size may cause you to hunch or curl unnaturally, leading to cramps and body aches. Thus, finding the best size meeting your needs is absolutely critical. Some of the standard sizes for mattresses and beds available in the market are
  • California King Size
  • King Size
  • Queen Size
  • Full or Double 
  • Twin XL
  • Twin or Single

Making the Best Choice

When you finally decide that the time is right for you to buy a new mattress, there are so many things to do so that you are assured of making the best choice. Whether or not you go for it, you must know how to buy a mattress online. This will help in exploring options which then you can search offline. There are a number of decisions you will need to make throughout the procedure

  • Should you buy offline or online
  • Are you going to use it alone or share it with a partner/kids – this will need the minimum disturbance feature available in most modern mattresses
  • Should you go for a simple mattress or a feature mattress
  • What are the features that work in your favor and what are the nice to have ones

After doing thorough research and making these choices, you can sit back and relax on your new mattress. You will definitely feel the difference with the choice that you have made after making so many choices.

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