Our Story: Flo Mattress - India's Top Mattress Online Store
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Gaurav Zatakia: Flo - Founder & CEO

Gaurav Zatakia

Founder & CEO | Flo

Flo Mattress Story

Our Story ~

Mattress shopping in India isn’t easy.

You shortlist a few retailers based on recommendations from friends and family.

You visit these outlets, each of which have no less than 10 different mattress samples from multiple brands on display.

By time you’ve tried your 10th mattress, you’ve forgotten what the first one felt like!

Not to mention most of these mattress shops aren’t air-conditioned; so you’re sweating through the whole process while getting simultaneously badgered by a pushy salesman desperate to make his commission.

You’ve spent hours of your precious time in a world where time is in very short supply and still aren’t sure which mattress to buy.

Let’s assume though, that you decide to take a gamble on one of the mattresses shown to you.

It gets delivered late (as is the case with most things in our country) but that isn’t even the worst part.

Let’s say that a month into using this new mattress that you’ve spent a mini fortune on, you realize that it’s giving you a back ache and is nowhere near as comfortable as it seemed when you sat on it for a few minutes at the local mattress shop.

You call the shopkeeper, but he puts his hands up and tells you that you need to contact the brand directly. Or, he tells you, you can put that mattress in your guest bed room and he’ll be happy to extend a 20% discount on a brand new mattress (does he really think you’re going to trust him with your money again?)

Well the good news is, we’re here to change all of this. We’re

1. cutting through the clutter to bring you one perfect mattress

2. innovatively packaging this mattress so we can deliver it to you in a neat box that you can handle independently

3. re-engineering the supply chain to cut out unnecessary middlemen and retail overheads resulting in savings of upto 50%

4. offering 100 night free trials so you can try our mattress absolutely risk-free

5. offering an industry leading 10 year warranty so you can be sure that we’re using only the highest quality raw materials

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

If getting your new mattress up to your third floor apartment in a building without an elevator gives you serious anxiety - then we've got you covered! 

We use special technology to vacuum pack our mattress and shrink it to a third of its size - this helps us ship it in a box! Just open this box in your room, tear open the plastic cover and watch the magic unfold as your mattress slowly expands into its original size. It's really that simple!

Vacuum Pack Mattress
Flo Responsive Foam

Flo Responsive Foam.
Innovation by us, perfected by you.

The mattress industry hadn’t changed in years, aside from adding new sales tricks and gimmicks. So when we started Flo, we worked to innovate something entirely new for the industry. Unparalleled in comfort and support, our proprietary foam was painstakingly perfected through customer feedback. 

More layers aren't always better, but they are more expensive

Flo Air Mattress

We’ve worked hard to reduce our layers down to what's essential. The performance of your sleep is what matters most because it provides the comfort you feel and the interaction your body needs. Our innovative foam is what makes this all possible.

Some other companies will add basic, off-the-shelf foams with fancy names to their mattress just as an excuse to charge you more. We've decided to only use the layers that matter and not charge extra for layers you won't feel.

Flo Mattress Online For Better Sleep

That's how Flo was born

Flo is for young shoppers with on-the-go lifestyles who enjoy their much needed sleep and appreciate innovation. 

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