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Go with the Flo

We designed our mattress keeping in mind features people in India care about the most.

Unparalleled spine support

Our proprietary Flo Responsive foam forms the base of our mattress, and is designed to respond accurately to pressure. The more pressure your body exerts on the mattress, the more it reacts to support you.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Keeps you cool

Our foams are infused with white gel micro-capsules that absorb heat from your body and then release it away from your body via our 3D air flow technology. So while you’re fast asleep, our mattress is hard at work.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Antimicrobial Aloe Vera Cover

Our zippered, high quality cashmere fabric cover has been specially treated with aloe vera gel that is naturally anti-microbial and will also keep your skin looking hydrated and youthful. In fact, it is so soft, that you might feel tempted to not use a bed sheet!

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover


Everyone has a unique choice and it is true even when it comes to mattresses. Thus, our team of experts have worked hard to put together two different variants of the Flo King Size mattresses.

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ergo
Starting From Rs. 8,265

Medium Soft


Having a good night’s sleep can work wonders for many, but those facing a back problem like back pain know how elusive it can get.

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ortho
Starting From Rs. 8,265

Medium Firm

Features Of Flo Mattress

Temperature sensitive memory foam

Improves blood circulation through the night and reduces tossing and turning by up to 80%.

3D air flow fabric

The spacer fabric along the periphery promotes circulation to ensure the mattress stays fresh and ventilated.

Zero partner disturbance

Sleep with someone that tosses and turns a lot in their sleep? No more waking up when they do.

Zippered removable cover

Allows you to spot clean stains without the risk of getting the foam underneath wet.

What Our Customers Have To Say?

Real, happy sleepers with real 5-star reviews.

Health Benefits

Keeps you cool

If you have flipped through any wellness magazine or website, you surely are aware of the benefits of having a cool temperature while sleeping. This is what is achieved by the 3D spacer fabric of the Flo King Size Mattress giving you the perfect relaxation.

Great for your skin

How about your mattress working to improve and revitalize your skin, while you are sleeping? A superb feature of the Flo King Size Bed Mattress is its Aloe Vera gel based foam that not just lets you relax but also works to improvise your skin care regime.

Sound sleep for health

The importance of sound sleep for better health cannot be emphasised enough. Doctors and wellness practitioners attest to this fact and that is the inspiration of Flo King Size Mattresses. Giving you such a sound sleep that you remain healthy and well rested.

Fall asleep faster

With all the excellent features packed into your Flo King Size mattress, you can say a permanent goodbye to those long days of tossing around and turning. You are guaranteed to fall asleep much faster as the mattress works towards relaxing and rejuvenating you for a fresh start.

Unparalleled Spine Support

Choosing a mattress can be difficult when you consider the fact that it has an impact on your spine and posture. This is a big reason to choose Flo King Size Bed Mattresses as they are known and recommended for their unparalleled spine support.

With Flo, We Promise

100-night sleep trial

Try us out for 100 nights. If you’re not feeling it, we guarantee you will get your money back – a full refund.

Mattress in a box

Vacuum packed and sealed in a box. Just tear the plastic and roll onto your bed, and watch the magic unfold.

10-year warranty

We’re confident in our quality, so you can sleep easy knowing we cover manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Hassle-free delivery

Free delivery across India within 14 – 21 days – guaranteed.


When Should I Buy A New Mattress?

Most people prefer to use their purchases such as mattresses for several years before buying a new one. With time, you may get used to your mattress. Many people think that buying a new mattress can be difficult, so they prefer their old one. But there are several reasons to buy a new one, with deterioration in the quality being the first and foremost one. 

When you continue to use an old mattress, it can lead to several health issues and disturbance in sleep schedules. If you want to buy a king size mattress online, you may consider Flo Mattress as we have a wide variety of mattresses from single bed, queen size to a king size mattress at a price that is pocket friendly. 

You should consider the below-mentioned points to check if your mattress requires an upgrade:

  • Mattress Impression : You can check whether your mattress is in good condition by observing body impressions on it. The body impressions on the mattress are harmful to your health and lead to several diseases. The mattress should provide support and comfort to your body, but when it cannot, or the dense materials accumulate in the middle part, you should consider changing it. You can consider a king mattress size if you suffer from obesity or are overweight. 

Body impressions or dip in the mattress are proof that it cannot provide support to your body. If you notice a dip in the mattress within five years of purchase, then your mattress can either be of low quality or lacks density and support to provide adequate comfort to your body. Therefore, you should choose a good quality mattress for better results. In addition, your mattress should have the appropriate density to provide comfort and support to your body. 

It is essential to upgrade your mattresses when you notice body impressions or sagging to avoid excessive pressure on the body. Muscles, bones and other parts of your body require adequate alignment to function correctly. Therefore, the king mattress size you buy must be as per your body weight to ensure maximum comfort. If your mattress cannot provide ample support to your body, it can lead to sleep loss, chronic pain and inability to relax properly.

  • Body Odours & Smells : If the material of your mattress has off-gassing, which is usually observed in new ones due to the addition of chemicals, you should discard or exchange it. Off-gassing is seen in mattresses when body odours and moisture mix with it leading to an odour. Off-gassing and smell in your old mattress can be toxic and unhealthy for your body. Whereas in a new one you can get rid of it or avoid it by exposure to sunlight and adequate ventilation. Additionally, VOCs, polyurethane and glues can lead to foul odours in your mattress. When off-gassing is causing harm to your health, you may consider buying a king size mattress online.. 

If you notice that your mattress has an excessive smell, you can consider a good quality mattress to avoid these problems. But if the problem is unavoidable, and cleaning and treatment with chemicals are not possible, you can consider a new one for yourself. If you are searching for the best king size mattress, you can check our mattress collections page. 

Old mattresses with problems like chemicals, odours and off-gassing can cause several health issues. Additionally, it can also cause infections due to low immunity, allergies and other respiratory problems. Due to the recent pandemic, caring for your health and hygiene has become more crucial. If you want to protect yourself from infections and diseases and improve your immunity, you may consider a standard king size mattress from Flo Mattress. In addition to a variety of mattresses, at Flo mattress, we offer the most affordable king size bed mattress price.

  • Frequent Skin Allergies : Sagged and aged mattresses can cause skin allergies. You should always check your mattress for any signs of disrepair, defect or damage to avoid respiratory issues and skin allergies. You can consult health professionals if you notice these symptoms, as they can become severe quickly. If you want to protect yourself from skin allergies, then consider the best king size mattress made from high-quality materials offered only at Flo Mattress.

If you observe rashes on either side of the head, feet, arms, elbows, or experience sin allergies, your mattress can be one of the reasons. In addition, infections such as moles, furuncles, itches, hives and skin allergies can be severe and recurrent. In such cases, you must consider investing in a new mattress. At Flo Mattress, we offer various sizes and dimensions such as single size, double size, queen, super king size mattress, and more. Irrespective of whether you choose a diwan mattress, queen or single, custom mattress or a double king size mattress, our quality will remain the same. 

The topmost layer of the mattress can accumulate several pathogens, germs and pests that can lead to recurrent skin infections that can be severe over time. If you want to protect your loved ones, do not compromise on quality. While many brands offer king size mattresses at a price that is considered pocket friendly, they compromise on quality. To buy a mattress that does not compromise on quality, visit our mattress collections page. 

  • Loss Of Sleep : Do you suffer from conditions like insomnia and inadequate sleep? One of the significant reasons can be your mattress. If you focus on your health and still experience disturbance in your sleep schedule, it can be due to your mattress. If you cannot sleep properly, it can lead to a lack of peace, comfort and subconscious tossing and turning. Instead of buying a cheap mattress of king size, visit our mattress collections page for a wide variety of reasonably priced mattresses. 

You can diagnose mattress related insomnia by discussing it with your partner, or you can use a fitness watch and a motion sensor. Excessive turning and tossing can be the primary reason for inadequate sleep. High-quality mattresses can provide the support and comfort required for peaceful sleep. While the king size mattress prices we offer are affordable, the quality is worth investing in.  

  • Lumpy Bed : Uneven compression or rupture of the upper and support layers of the mattress can lead to bed lumps. It is considered a significant sign of a damaged mattress. If you are the owner of an innerspring mattress, the springs of the mattress can also result in a lumpy bed, to avoid this situation, you can buy a Flo Mattress. The king size bed mattress price we offer is more likely to offer quality that is superior compared to various other brands in the market. 

Additionally, if you notice that your mattress is uneven and the springs are popping out, then you can consider a new one for yourself. Lumpy bed popping of innerspring coils is considered a harmful factor that can cause pain in the body. You can worry less about your health when you buy the best king size bed mattress from Flo Mattress. 

Inconsistency or lumps in it is considered as the primary reasons for injuries and pain in the body. The lumpy surface of the bed can interfere with sleep and may lead to body aches. You can choose a mattress that has a soft, firm and comfortable feeling.

Do you want to buy a king size mattress at a low price? Visit our mattress collections page, as our king bed mattress price is very affordable.

  • Persistent Nose & Sneezing : If you experience excessive sneezing, stuffy nose when you wake up, and chronic allergy symptoms, it can be due to a damaged mattress. An old or ageing mattress can trigger your allergies. Unhygienic, poorly ventilated, and maintained mattresses can also cause allergy-like symptoms such as a stuffy nose, sneezes and persistent cough. So if you want to live a healthy life, consider purchasing a king size bed mattress online from Flo Mattress.

If you suffer from allergies, infections and other issues related to health despite maintaining a proper lifestyle, then your mattress can be one of the possible reasons. You can also contact a doctor or health professional for advice. Hypoallergenic mattresses are also available for patients who are suffering from different types of allergies. Consider buying a king size bed mattress at a cost that is reasonable, but the benefits are immense. 

  • Waking Up Tired : If you wake up tired and are not comfortable while you are asleep, you should consider a new mattress for yourself. If it is not able to provide peaceful sleep, then it can be harmful to your health. An incompatible mattress can lead to muscle and body pains. You require proper sleep for regenerating energy and good cell growth. Defective or damaged mattresses can interfere with normal body functions and can lead to several diseases.

Inadequate sleep is one of the main reasons for several physical and mental issues related to the body. In addition, the feeling of tiredness can affect your immune system and overall health. You can choose high quality, comfortable, supportive and compatible mattresses for yourself that can provide you with proper sleep. 

  • Age Is Not Just A Number : Several factors can affect the age of your mattress. Factors such as wear and tear, environmental issues, body weight, improper maintenance and the quality of the material can affect the life of your mattress. If it is five to seven years old, then you can consider buying a new one. So if you are trying to find a mattress for sale in king size, consider Flo Mattress. 
  • Mattress Sagging : Sagging of the mattress affects the whole structure of materials used in the formation. The layers of the materials can get compressed either unevenly or equally. You should never ignore signs such as sagging if you want to protect yourself from several diseases. 

The cost of a king size mattress at Flo Mattress is less compared to various other brands. You may consider us if you need to replace your mattress immediately.