Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Buying Mattresses – Flo Mattress
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About Flo

Are there any stores where I can purchase and bring home the Flo mattress?
Where can I buy the Flo mattress online?
What's the difference between ordering through Amazon and
How do Flo mattresses compare to other mattresses on the market?
What kind of foam does Flo use to make its mattresses?
How does your price compare to other online mattress companies?
Who designed your website?

Orders & Shipping

How much does shipping cost?
What is the price of the Flo Ergo mattress?
What is the price of the Flo Ortho mattress?
Can I request custom instructions for delivery?
Do you offer express shipping?


What is the mattress cover made of?
How firm are the Flo mattresses?
What are the standard Flo mattress dimensions? How much weight can it handle?
How does the Flo mattress feel to sleep on?
Does the mattress come in custom sizes?
What is the edge support like in the mattress?
Can I have a sample of the foam or cover fabric?
How can I tell what mattress size will work best for me?
What kind of foam is the Flo mattress made of?
Is your foam hypoallergenic?

Returns & Exchanges

How do I return my mattress?
Do I have to ship the mattress back in its original box if I decide to return?
What is the 100-Night Sleep Trial?
How can I exchange my Flo mattress?


Do Flo mattresses come with a warranty?
What if I notice body impressions or sagging in my mattress?
Can I get a replacement mattress cover?
Why does your mattress warranty only cover 10 years?

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