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Double Bed Mattress


Everyone needs a good night's sleep, where you do not have to fidget, just because you do not have enough space for yourself. It is true that you won't get good sleep if you are constantly tossing and turning in your bed. You are cranky and unproductive, plus you get a headache and are almost always out of focus. Sharing your bed with someone is also about having a space for yourself and hence a double bed mattress is a must!

If you are a family of two or more, we recommend purchasing a double bed mattress. You get so much extra space for yourself once you get a double bed size mattress! People generally think that double-bed mattresses are costly and take up a lot of space, but they clearly haven’t checked our website (wink wink). Flo double bed mattresses are in the right size for your double bed and are also cost-effective.

Flo’s double-size bed mattresses are designed for all! A double bed mattress is a space that is shared by two individuals having their own sleeping patterns. A double memory foam mattress is designed to create different experiences for both individuals who share the bed! 

You must consider several factors while buying a double bed mattress, including the mattress's size, material, hardness, thickness, height, and width. 

We have a range of double bed mattresses at Flo mattresses depending on their firmness.

Ergo™ double bed mattressIf you are feeling bougie and are fond of a premium feel, this one's for you! This double bed mattress is devised with an extra touch of exquisiteness for the best sleep ever.  It is crafted with memory foam and hence it has a "medium soft'' feel to give your sleep an immersive experience. It is best suited for working professionals, couples, and even children. The extra soft texture promises to even provide the feathery-feels! One of the good qualities of Flo's double bed mattress is that it does not create a depression of the partner's body weight, as the other regular mattresses do. It’s MotionIsolation™ promises zero partner disturbance.

Ortho™ double bed mattress: Our orthopedic mattress is for someone who needs firmer back support. This double bed mattress is “medium firm” to give good support to your back. We recommend it to those with back problems or over the age of 60. The mattress is the ideal choice as it not only just relieves your back pain but also helps to regulate blood circulation. 

Healthy sleeping is equal to healthy living. Oftentimes we do not include sleep in our lifestyle choices and opt for simpler solutions. But having a good double bed foam mattress is crucial just like your routine check-ups, so best to not delay the process! 

Never compromise on your sleep! Choose a suitable double bed mattress size based on your bed. You also have a list of the best double bed mattress choices available from Flo's collections. If you feel that you need extra space for yourself, we even provide king size mattress and queen size mattress to suit your requirement. 

Get the best for you and your partner and get a good night's sleep! We have amazing discounts too!

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