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We designed our mattress keeping in mind features people in India care about the most.

Unparalleled spine support

Our proprietary Flo Responsive foam forms the base of our mattress, and is designed to respond accurately to pressure. The more pressure your body exerts on the mattress, the more it reacts to support you.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Keeps you cool

Our foams are infused with white gel micro-capsules that absorb heat from your body and then release it away from your body via our 3D air flow technology. So while you’re fast asleep, our mattress is hard at work.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Antimicrobial Aloe Vera Cover

Our zippered, high quality cashmere fabric cover has been specially treated with aloe vera gel that is naturally anti-microbial and will also keep your skin looking hydrated and youthful. In fact, it is so soft, that you might feel tempted to not use a bed sheet!

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover


For those who like softer beds while sleeping, this ergonomically designed variant is nothing short of a gift.

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ergo
Starting From Rs. 9,471

Medium Soft


Getting proper sleep and rest through the night to be ready to face the world next day is one of the most basic needs of any human being. 

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ortho
Starting From Rs. 9,471

Medium Firm

Features Of Flo Mattress

Temperature sensitive memory foam

Improves blood circulation through the night and reduces tossing and turning by up to 80%.

3D air flow fabric

The spacer fabric along the periphery promotes circulation to ensure the mattress stays fresh and ventilated.

Zero partner disturbance

Sleep with someone that tosses and turns a lot in their sleep? No more waking up when they do.

Zippered removable cover

Allows you to spot clean stains without the risk of getting the foam underneath wet.

What Our Customers Have To Say?

Real, happy sleepers with real 5-star reviews.

Health Benefits

Our orthopedic memory foam mattresses offer some great health benefits as well -

Keeps you cool

A relaxed sleep requires your body to stay cool and at a lower temperature. Research proves that this is most conducive to relaxing and this is where the 3D spacer fabric, as well as the polyurethane cells in Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress, show their magic.

Great for your skin

As the mattress takes you under its spell and makes you get the most relaxed sleep you have got in a long time, it also is working on your skin. Yes, that's right! The Aloe Vera gel-based lining of the Memory Foam of your Ortho mattress makes sure your skin is also revitalized as you sleep. 

Sound sleep for health

Whether it is researchers or doctors or even wellness experts, they all agree that sound sleep is not just good but mandatory for maintaining your health. This is the biggest promise of Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress. You are guaranteed to get a sound sleep. 

Fall asleep faster

When your back gets the rest and support it needs, the body is cool and relaxed and when the memory foam makes you feel weightless, you surely are going to fall asleep much faster. Now you can say goodbye to all the tossing and turning through the night and look forward to a refreshing sleep every night.

Unparalleled Spine Support

By using our proprietary responsive foam as the base material in all our mattresses we

With Flo, We Promise

100-night sleep trial

Try us out for 100 nights. If you’re not feeling it, we guarantee you will get your money back – a full refund.

Mattress in a box

Vacuum packed and sealed in a box. Just tear the plastic and roll onto your bed, and watch the magic unfold.

10-year warranty

We’re confident in our quality, so you can sleep easy knowing we cover manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Hassle-free delivery

Free delivery across India within 14 – 21 days – guaranteed.


Why Do People Prefer To Buy An Ortho Memory Foam Mattress?

One of the most uncomfortable experiences a person can have is back and body pain. The pain can be due to a prior injury or a medical condition. But if you have ruled those factors out, then the most obvious culprit remaining is your lifestyle and posture. Body pains are correctable with a few changes to the lifestyle and a realignment of your posture. Your body needs time to recuperate. It can be provided by a good night’s sleep and an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Deep sleep can have significant health benefits. You do not feel tired the following day. It gives the body ample time to heal and treats stress and anxiety. Some people are not compatible with a soft mattress, so it can’t provide them with the peace and calm their body requires for deep sleep. If you are one of them, you need an orthopaedic mattress. We at Flo Mattress aim to provide the most affordable orthopedic mattress prices and deliver them to your doorstep.

Ortho memory foam mattress, better known as an orthopaedic mattress, is firmer and higher in density than a standard mattress. The orthopedic mattress foam is more centred on providing the body with ample support, but people can have varying experiences based on the composition and quality. Here are a few of the purposes of using an orthopedic mattress:

Correction Of Body Posture: The primary purpose of using an orthopaedic mattress is to relieve body and back pain through necessary body support. The leading cause of body pain is shaky bone and muscle strength, neuromuscular ailments and frail muscles. Body posture is one of the most significant contributors to body pain. It might not be instantaneously apparent, but the pain might become recurrent and severe because of the abnormal positions of muscular and skeletal systems. These problems can disrupt the whole biomechanics of your body, leading to stress and pressure over the spine, joints, muscles and other bone areas. You can find an ortho mattress online that can provide you with the support structure and comfort to rectify the body posture as time goes.

Even though an ortho mattress can be used as a regular everyday mattress to treat mild pain, a consultation with an orthopaedic doctor is advised to use it for chronic pain. We at Flo Mattress have the best ortho mattress in queen size and king size, you can also customise it to fit your bed perfectly.

Realignment Of The Spine: Spinal disruption is one of the primary reasons for back pain and body pain in general. Orthopaedic Mattresses have various benefits, the primary one of which is spinal realignment. People think that a side-sleeping position means that you are not prone to spinal problems. But sleeping in any position can render your spine in disarray. Softer mattresses might be more comfortable for your body, but they might lead to back pain. Because of the kind of structure a softer mattress has, it provides varying levels of support to your body, leading to back and neck pain. But a firmer structure of an orthopedic mattress offers the same level of support to your body, providing an alignment to your spine irrespective of your sleeping position. Doctors prescribe an ortho mattress to patients who suffer from herniated discs, scoliosis or any spine or neck posture problem. If you have been prescribed an ortho mattress, visit our mattress collections page.

Less Sagging: Even people of heavier weights can rely on ortho mattresses to offer ample support to your body, preventing any pain, all the while maintaining its shape. Unlike their softer counterparts, they don’t sag around the corners and in the middle as much. This characteristic of ortho mattresses makes them the most appropriate for prolonged usage without too much maintenance. Another desirable feature of an ortho mattress is that they have a firmer core. It allows the mattress to hold out against any motion transfers that may disturb your partner while getting in or out of the mattress. The ortho mattresses have Bonnell coil spring, pocket coil spring or rebonded systems that allow this function to work. So you can buy the best double orthopedic memory foam mattress for you and your partner and have a calm and peaceful good night’s sleep.

A Deep Sleep: When looking for a good night’s sleep, having back and body pain can put you off. But using an orthopaedic mattress that has a delightful effect on your body posture automatically alleviates back and general body pain. It might not be more comfortable than the softer mattress, but the orthopedic mattress does provide you with the support your body requires for a pain-free good night’s sleep. If you pair these mattresses with an appropriate pillow, you can get rid of posture-related issues like snoring, etc. Ortho mattresses have a comfortable and plush layer with either foam or innersprings in the middle to give you great comfort to have a deep sleep. If you are in search of a mattress that provides you comfort without sacrificing body support, you can get a king size mattress with orthopedic qualities from Flo Mattress.

These are the reasons due to which people prefer buying orthopedic mattresses over the standard ones. 

“Can I find an orthopaedic mattress near me?” 

The answer to that question is: you don’t need to. You can buy the best ortho mattress online from Flo Mattress, and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

How Do Orthopedic Mattresses Help In Relieving Body Pain?

There are various shapes (king and queen) when it comes to orthopaedic mattresses, and there’s double and a single orthopedic memory foam mattress you can choose from. But there’s one thing common in every type of orthopaedic mattress, their supportive nature due to the firmness. The upper layer can be soft or firm depending upon the purpose or prescription, but the principle doesn’t change. An orthopedic mattress is supposed to provide your body ample support and comfort to resolve any posture-related issues and alleviate any pain. It ensures that your bones and muscles lay in an even position to realign your spinal posture and relieve you of any body pain. If you are also experiencing recurring body pain, you can profit quite a lot from an ortho memory foam mattress. Just visit our mattress collections page for the best orthopedic mattress prices, and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep.

What Are The Things That Can Cause Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain?

You can buy an orthopedic mattress online to get rid of your neck, shoulder and back pain. But let’s understand the different factors that cause these body pains:

Body Support: It doesn’t matter if you are a back sleeper or side sleeper. Your spine requires adequate support during sleep. Your neck needs support as well. It shouldn’t be elevated or sunk into the mattress. The orthopedic mattresses you’ll find at Flo Mattress have a proper sleep inclination and just the perfect firmness. When you combine the mattress with the right pillow, your body will be provided with an outstanding level of support along with the comfort desired by everyone. If you don’t get an appropriate amount of support from the mattress, it can lead to body pains and, in worst cases, muscle decay. The primary reason for that is terrible sleeping posture. 

Both the mattress and pillow are in sync to provide the required level of support. For instance, if a person is heavy, obese or overweight, the perfect mattress for him would have a Bonnell coil spring and a soft cushioning to provide that ideal support for the spine and a comfort layer relieve the neck and shoulder. Flo Mattress provides you with the best orthopedic mattress prices if you need an affordable mattress that can alleviate your body pains.

Posture: Most people don’t understand that it is necessary to have the right posture while asleep. Otherwise, you might end up with neck, back or shoulder pain which can be very discomforting. Your muscles and various pressure points around the body need rest at night, or they might misalign. Without an appropriate level of support, side sleeping can cause your shoulder blades and muscles around them to compress and cause pain and discomfort. The issue mainly happens when the mattress is too hard and doesn’t allow the shoulder to sink in and relieve the pressure, and it might leave your neck elevated, causing pain both in the neck and the shoulders. An orthopedic mattress can provide you with that perfect posture to align your spine and pressure points to relieve your body pains. Visit our mattress collections page to get the most affordable ortho mattress prices.

Mattress Is Not Compatible: If the mattress you are using cannot provide you with the right amount of comfort and support required by your body, you might have an incompatible mattress. You might have bought a brand new mattress with very high quality, but if it does not provide the appropriate amount of cushioning and support to your body, it may lead to back, neck and shoulder pains. For example, if a person is heavy, obese or overweight, the perfect mattress for him would have a Bonnell coil spring and a soft cushioning to provide that ideal support to the spine and a comfort layer to relieve the neck and shoulder. If you want the best orthopedic mattress prices, visit our mattress collections page, and we’ll sort you out.

Firm or Soft: It is crucial to find a not too firm mattress and not too soft. It should be just perfect for supporting your body and providing the right amount of cushioning for comfort. Your body type, age, fitness, weight and several other things also determine which mattress is perfect for you. The ideal mattress will have the ideal support and comfort to relieve neck, shoulder and back pains. We, at Flo Mattress, provide you with the best ortho bed mattress prices you can find. The orthopedic mattresses we have are perfect for alleviating the body pains you might have due to a mattress being too soft or firm.

A Saggy Mattress: An old mattress can become saggy around the corners and in the middle over time. It will have an uneven area with varying amounts of compression across the mattress. An old, saggy mattress might get body impressions when you get in and get out of it. It changes the amount of support around the mattress and causes neck, shoulder and back pains. At Flo Mattress, we provide the best ortho mattress prices to make your body pain issue go away.

These issues can cause pain in your neck, shoulder and back and affect your daily routine immensely. So buying an excellent orthopedic mattress might make your worries go away.

I Am Suffering From Lower Back Pain. Will An Ortho Mattress Help?
In your late 20s, this pain might indicate unrestricted stress and pressure or a lack of exercise and workouts that must not be ignored as it can lead to something severe. The best decision for you would be to upgrade to an orthopedic mattress, as your current mattress might be old and worn-out and lacks the support required by your body. An ortho mattress can provide you with support on your spine to relieve any back pain in the side-sleeping and back-sleeping position. Visit our mattress collections page if you want to know about the Flo ortho mattress price.

Will An Ortho Mattress Be Good For Me Even After Getting Rid Of Body Pain?

Yes, one of the best features of orthopedic mattresses is their longevity. Additionally, it is forevermore beneficial for our body to have the necessary support for a good posture and an aligned spine. An ortho mattress is a long-standing partner whether you have body pain or not and whether you have an uncontrolled weight issue. In these pandemic times, everyone is a bit scared to go to a hospital for any ailment. So it is always beneficial if the ortho mattress can alleviate any posture-related issue. If you want the best orthopedic memory foam mattress price, you can visit our mattress collections page.

Body pains can ruin your daily routine, hampering even the simplest tasks like cooking, driving, etc. We at Flo Mattress provide you with the best orthopedic mattress online at the most affordable prices and deliver them to your doorstep to give you the best service. Just log on to our mattress collections page and buy the perfect ortho mattresses.