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What is Flo Labs?

Flo Labs is a space we’ve created to connect our customers directly with our product development team. Our objective here is to work with you, to build solutions that actually solve some of your biggest sleep related challenges. This is where we experiment with building new products > get feedback from customers like yourself > keep making improvements until we’ve incorporated all your feedback into a world-class product that actually delivers everything it promises.

What can I expect to find at Flo Labs?

According to multiple recent studies, India is the second most sleep deprived country in the world. While brands in the sleep solutions space are all building products that have mass appeal, we noticed that not one, single brand was working directly with customers to try and help solve sleep related problems that they live with on a daily basis. 

At Flo Labs, we’re a small team that spends all our time and energy towards working directly with our customers to develop out-of-the-box products that help solve some of their most pressing sleep problems; the kind of problems more mainstream brands might never work on, because the market is just too small. We believe that collaborating with our customers (people like yourself), is the best way to build world class sleep solutions that actually make a difference! 

Do all products listed under Flo Labs come with the same warranty as the Flo Mattress?

Each product comes with a different warranty, depending on the use case that it has been designed for. You’ll find warranty related information for each product, on the product page. 

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