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Returns, Exchanges & Warranty

Returns & Exchanges

Only mattress purchases on www.flomattress.com are eligible for the 100 night trial. For marketplaces like Amazon & Flipkart, please refer to the marketplace policy on returns, exchanges and refunds. 

We aim to make the return process as simple as possible! To return your mattress, place a request by clicking here or call  us on +91 73878 87750 and we’ll work with you to have your mattress picked up asap by one of our logistics partners ASAP.

A logistics charge will be applied on returns where a customer has ordered an incorrect size. 

The entire returns process usually takes 14-21 days from the date that you raise a return request, depending on how quickly the mattress you wish to return is delivered to us.

There's no need to keep the original outer packaging. Once the mattress is out of the box / capsule, you can get rid of the box / capsule if you have no use for it. Feel free to retain the inner plastic bag, until your 100 night return window ends - this will help speed up the return process, should you decide to return your mattress.

Once the mattress is packed and labelled (we will share reverse shipping labels via email) by you, our courier partners will arrange to pick up the mattress, and ship it back to us.

We believe that sitting on a mattress for a few minutes in a crowded shop is the worst way to buy a mattress that you’re going to likely use for the next 10 years of your life. You won't know if something is a perfect fit until you have a few nights to try it out first! That's why we offer the 100-Night Trial which allows you to buys a Flo mattress risk-free - if the mattress ends up not being the right fit for you within the first 100 nights, we'll help you out with either an exchange or a return and full refund.

Give us a call on +91 73878 87750 so we can walk you through the process. We'll place your new order over the phone, charge the difference in cost between the two items (or refund the difference accordingly), and we'll go through the removal of the original product.



We offer a 10 year warranty on our mattresses which covers manufacturing defects such as depressions deeper than 1", sagging, cover defects such as unraveling stitching, or flaws in the foam causing it to split or crack. We don't cover changes to your mattress that are caused by normal wear and tear or that result from circumstances or uses that go beyond the intended use of a mattress—namely, reclining and sleeping. For example, don't take your Flo mattress out camping! 

If you believe you’re experiencing a defect in your mattress covered under its warranty, please reach out to us on +91 73878 87750 or support@flomattress.com. 

Body impressions and sagging are unlikely to happen for at least 8-10 years. However, in the event that you do notice permanent indentations that measure more than 1 inch, you're covered by our 10-year warranty. To make a warranty claim, simply reach out to us at support@flomattress.com or give us a call at +91 73878 87750 and we’d be more than happy to help!

For an additional charge, you can request a replacement cover. Just email us at support@flomattress.com and we’ll let you know how much a new cover will cost for your exact mattress size.  

Warranties that are more than 10 years are generally prorated, which means for every year you own it, you would receive less and less credit. It is also suggested that mattresses be replaced every 8-10 years for hygiene purposes.

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