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We designed our mattress keeping in mind features people in India care about the most.

Unparalleled spine support

Our proprietary Flo Responsive foam forms the base of our mattress, and is designed to respond accurately to pressure. The more pressure your body exerts on the mattress, the more it reacts to support you.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Keeps you cool

Our foams are infused with white gel micro-capsules that absorb heat from your body and then release it away from your body via our 3D air flow technology. So while you’re fast asleep, our mattress is hard at work.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Antimicrobial Aloe Vera Cover

Our zippered, high quality cashmere fabric cover has been specially treated with aloe vera gel that is naturally anti-microbial and will also keep your skin looking hydrated and youthful. In fact, it is so soft, that you might feel tempted to not use a bed sheet!

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Matresses by type


If you thought that a mattress in a box was the only revolutionary concept we have come up with, wait! There’s a whole lot more. 

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ergo
Starting From Rs. 8,265

Medium Soft


As there are people preferring a soft back support, so are the ones requiring a hard support for their backs.

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ortho
Starting From Rs. 8,265

Medium Firm

Features Of Flo Mattress

Temperature sensitive memory foam

Improves blood circulation through the night and reduces tossing and turning by up to 80%.

3D air flow fabric

The spacer fabric along the periphery promotes circulation to ensure the mattress stays fresh and ventilated.

Zero partner disturbance

Sleep with someone that tosses and turns a lot in their sleep? No more waking up when they do.

Zippered removable cover

Allows you to spot clean stains without the risk of getting the foam underneath wet.

What Our Customers Have To Say?

Real, happy sleepers with real 5-star reviews.

Health Benefits

Keeps you cool

As doctors and sleep scientists have proven, a proper air circulation, ensuring your body temperature is cooled down gives you the best and most relaxing sleep. And that is what Flo Mattress has achieved with its 3D spacer fabric providing a great air circulation.

Great for your skin

The first signs of your sleep being disturbed start appearing on your skin. On the other hand, the latest offering from Flo Mattress ensures that your skin is revitalized, with its Aloe Vera gel based lining, while you are enjoying the deep sleep thanks to its other properties.

Sound sleep for health

There is no arguing against the fact that sound sleep is essential to maintain a good health, whatever be the number of hours that you are sleeping. The mattress in a box from Flo Mattress ensures that you get a perfectly sound and undisturbed sleep.

Fall asleep faster

With your body weight evenly distributed, and the Responsive Memory Foam responding to individual body part’s weight, you get a feeling of weightlessness as you lie on the new Flo Mattress. This helps in instant relaxation and falling asleep much faster.

Unparalleled Spine Support

When you look at it, it may just appear to be a mattress in a box. However, your Flo mattress is much more than that. With its unparalleled spine support, it is the best mattress you would have used so far, whether you have any back problem or not.

With Flo, We Promise

100-night sleep trial

Try us out for 100 nights. If you’re not feeling it, we guarantee you will get your money back – a full refund.

Mattress in a box

Vacuum packed and sealed in a box. Just tear the plastic and roll onto your bed, and watch the magic unfold.

10-year warranty

We’re confident in our quality, so you can sleep easy knowing we cover manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Hassle-free delivery

Free delivery across India within 14 – 21 days – guaranteed.

Their Words, Our Pride

Happy Words of our Happy Customers

Mayank Agarwal


When it comes to mattresses in a box, I have to praise this company. As I Ordered Sunday afternoon and less than 24hours product got delivered.
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Karan Shah


I wanted my mattress in a box as a gift delivered to my friend, and Flo mattress fulfilled my wish and gave me this wonderful gift on her birthday, and till today she is very happy with my gift.
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Krunal Patel


I was looking for a mattress box when I came to know about Flo Mattress. The prices are reasonable here. Recommended.
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Ranveer Mishra


I was able to find the ideal mattress box from Flo mattress online. They delivered it on time, and it's of excellent quality. If you are looking for the same, then I highly recommend the Flo mattress. It comes at a reasonable price also which you would be able to afford.
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Roshan James


Received best-boxed mattress. I have only heard about it. Seen it for the first time. Enjoyed unboxing the same. The mattress was packed in the very best possible way. Good effort Flomattress
View more

Avantika Paul


Ordered a mattress from this brand. The rolled mattress in a box came with all kinds of usage specifications, which I liked the most. And the quality is also good.
View more

Sanjana Jindal


Ordered a box mattress from Flo mattress. The mattress was delivered on time, and I have to say that the quality of the material is excellent. Also, the box mattress price is very affordable. Highly recommended.
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Manish Jagtap


Two months back, I ordered a bed in the box mattress from Flo Mattress. The product I received in just two days and the shipping package came in superb quality, Easy to set up, Very easy to store in wardrobe and comfortable to wash in washing machine!!!
View more

Naga devi


I recently ordered a boxed mattress from Flo mattress, and I think it is the best-boxed mattress. It is available at a very affordable price, and it is also worth spending that amount on it. The quality of the product is also very good. So get your mattresses from Flo Mattress.
View more

Neha Chawla


Recently I got my rolled mattress in a box, the packaging was so good, and the delivery was on time. Superb quality, reasonable price, overall must buy the product.
View more

Vikas Jha


If you buy any product from Flo Mattress, you will not need to know the box mattress price because its quality is outstanding.
View more

Monika Sharma


Easy to use the website. Delivery arrived on time, the new in a box was carried into my room very pleased with everything, and the mattress provides an excellent hassle-free experience!
View more

Ishika Khatri


I wanted to experiment and get a different type of bed in the box mattress. My experiment was successful, and I am extremely happy with the mattress quality.
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Ruchita Chajlani


Thinking to buy a boxed mattress?? You are on the right page, then. Flo mattress offers you the best-boxed mattress at an affordable rate, the best quality as well as service.
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Krishna Rao


I recently received my rolled mattress in a box. Delivery was prompt, and the packaging was outstanding. In addition, the product offers excellent quality at a reasonable price. Overall, it would be best if you considered purchasing this product.
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Rishi Batra


You need not worry about the box mattress price anymore. You are at the right place! Flo Mattress has some of the best products in the most affordable range! I have tried it, and I am delighted. Would recommend everyone to try it out.
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When Should I Buy A New Mattress?

A mattress is a significant investment and the indications that it is time to replace it appear gradually. Even so, we all know deep down that a mattress isn't going to endure forever. So here are a few of the most telling indicators that it's time to retire your old mattress and replace it with a new one. When you plan to buy a new mattress, you may want to consider Flo Mattress's mattress in a box.

Your Mattress Is 7-10 Years Old

Most mattresses come with 5, 10, or 20-year warranties, and it's a widespread myth that these suggest how long you should wait before buying a new one. It isn't true. Most high-end mattresses have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. However, this varies depending on the material. For instance, with appropriate maintenance, latex mattresses may last up to 15 years. Whereas, Futons have a five-year life expectancy. The average mattress fails due to normal wear and tear, which is not covered by most mattress warranties, which generally only cover manufacturer defects. Also, It doesn't matter how much your mattress costs. It will not last you the entire 20-year warranty period.

Moreover, nowadays, people prefer to buy a bed in the box mattress because it is convenient to ship from one place easily compared to traditional mattresses. Therefore, you can check out our mattress collections page if you are looking for the best boxed mattress.

Note it Down!

Because of the long lifespan of mattresses, it's a good idea to keep track of your purchase dates. It will help you remember when you need to start shopping for a replacement. If you're not good at keeping records, you may write the date on the mattress's tag when you buy it or set up a reminder on your computer if you're tech adept at reminding you when you've reached the seven-year mark.

Your Body Is Complaining

A comfortable mattress equals a satisfied body. If you're sleeping on the appropriate material and receiving enough sleep, you should wake up feeling well-rested and rejuvenated every morning. You shouldn't have any pain or discomfort, and you shouldn't have to toss and turn all night to get to sleep. However, if you have a poor mattress, this is unlikely. You don't get the support that you need from bad mattresses. So, you must look for a new mattress in a box.

Poor mattresses make our bodies work extra at night and while we're sleeping. We want to get into a comfortable position, but a poor mattress makes this impossible. In addition, your stomach will often droop when the comfort layers of your mattress wear out. It puts too much strain on your neck, shoulders, and back, causing pain and discomfort. If you frequently wake up with morning neck discomfort, that improves during the day. And if your body leaves a 1.5-inch or deeper impression, you're likely to be having sleep discomfort either now or in the near future; then it's the right time that you should look for a new rolled mattress in a box. At Flo Mattress, you will find high-quality mattresses at affordable prices.

You're Not Sleeping As You Used To

Bad mattresses have been related to poor sleep conditions in addition to discomfort. You're taking an excessive amount of time to fall asleep, and you don't have sleep apnea, or you find yourself waking up frequently during the night. Do you? When people experience these symptoms, they may turn to sleep drugs and medicines when what they need is a new mattress. You should also be able to sleep despite your spouse rolling over or waking up during the night.

Your Mattress Just Doesn't Look/Feel right.

It's not that difficult to identify when a mattress box needs to be replaced most of the time. On occasion, you'll notice it right away. The fibres of a mattress compress over time, and the springs lose their springiness. The middles or sides of their bodies are frequently dented, and sections may seem uneven. Depending on the material, the mattress may feel firmer or softer as you lie on it. Some of the springs may be felt beneath your back. Perhaps you're beginning to feel that you are sinking in.

Furthermore, as mattresses age, many of the lower-quality ones will begin to develop lumps, and it is a disaster in terms of giving support. Lumps indicate that your weight isn't uniformly distributed across your entire back, which can cause discomfort and suffering when sleeping and in the morning. If you feel lumps or experience discomfort when you lie on your bed, then it's the right time that you replace your older mattress with a new rolled mattress in a box.

Sometimes It's Just Obvious

Other, more visible indicators that it's time to turn in a mattress include:

  • Perhaps there are rips or holes.
  • Perhaps spring is protruding.

You don't need an article to tell you something that isn't correct about your mattress. Make the financial commitment. You can tell when it's time.

Your Frame and Springs Might Be Faulty

There are occasions when a new mattress isn't necessary; instead, there's something else wrong with your bed. For example, you should check the spring box (also known as the foundation) and the bed frame if you find yourself sinking when you lie down despite the fact that your mattress appears to be in fine functioning condition. Mattresses with worn-out springs and frames might droop towards the centre, resulting in many of the same difficulties as a poor mattress. It is harmful to your mattress and your sleep, so while you don't need to replace your mattress right now, you should address these issues right away!

Your Body Has Changed

Even if your mattress or bed is in perfect condition, there are a variety of reasons why you might need to replace it. For starters, the form of one's physique changes with time. If you've recently gained or lost a significant amount of weight, the mattress that once seemed like it was floating on air may now feel way too firm or soft. It is particularly prevalent during and after pregnancy.

If you've recently been in an accident or had surgery, or if you've experienced persistent problems like back pain or arthritis, you might want to consider getting a new mattress. It's critical to know when to switch mattresses since the correct mattress may go a long way toward relaxing our joints and muscles. Furthermore, if you're over 40, your body's ideal mattress may vary every seven to eight years.

Your Allergies Are Getting Worse

Many mattresses, according to studies, function as havens for dust mites and other allergies. Unfortunately, it's merely a side effect of the materials used to make most mattresses: allergens accumulate over time, and when you lie down to sleep on an old mattress, you might as well be sinking into a pool of everything you're allergic to if your allergies or asthma get worse after you've laid down to sleep or as soon as you get up in the morning, it's time to upgrade your mattress. If your allergies are growing worse and you need to update your mattress, you may consider investing in a new rolled mattress in a box.

You're Getting Better Sleep on Other Beds

Most individuals have difficulty falling asleep on sofas or beds that are not their own. If you're staying at a hotel and find it easier to fall asleep on their mattress than on your own, it might be a clue that your mattress at home is beyond its prime.

You're Buying a ton of New Pillows and Toppers.

When individuals notice their mattress is breaking down, they may try to avoid buying a new one by addressing the symptoms rather than the cause. They'll buy new toppers or pillows to compensate for the lack of support and muscular discomfort, and they'll do all they can to avoid the expense and trouble of purchasing a new mattress box. While this is reasonable, it is not a long-term solution. You can only do so much to compensate for a faulty mattress. No mattress can endure indefinitely. So while toppers might be useful while you look for a replacement, there's no alternative for a decent mattress.

In a Nutshell

Make it a point to understand what the above signs mean and when it's time to replace your mattress. It's a lovely thing to give oneself the gift of a good night's sleep. However, rather than enduring discomfort and putting your health at risk as a result of bad sleep caused by your old mattress, you should replace it with a new one.

If you are worried about not switching to a new mattress because of the box mattress price, you should visit our website. We at Flo Mattress have a wide variety of mattresses according to your requirements at a very affordable price. We understand the need for good sleep; hence we also provide a 100-night sleep trial, where you can try us out for 100 nights and see whether we're right for you. If you don't like it, we promise you'll receive your money back - no questions asked. So don't wait anymore and get your new mattress box with us today!

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