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Flo Mattress v/s Traditional Mattress

The human body is the biggest wonder of nature. The body may perform wonders, unmatched and unimaginable. However, the body has various requirements to replenish itself. One of the most important of these requirements is sleep. A sound sleep not only relaxes the body but also calms down the mind and soul. A night of good sleep is thus very important for the overall health of the mind and body. Having a good night’s sleep may resolve many health and behavioural issues. Sleeping well brings down stress and anxiety level. Sleep is also very crucial for recovering from injuries and trauma.

Sleep depends on various factors, some of which are unchangeable and others can be resolved and corrected. One such factor which determines the quality of your sleep is the mattress you use. The mattress you sleep on determines the quality of your sleep. This factor often goes unnoticed which results in severe sleep and health issues. 

Mattresses from Flo mattress have been designed keeping in mind the customer’s health and sleep needs. We provide various options for people having different needs. For example, our ortho mattresses are specially designed to provide extra back support to the people who suffer from lower back pain.

Flo Mattress has rigorous research and development behind its products, and hence we have come up with mattresses that are far better and more reliable as compared to other traditional mattresses like a traditional spring mattress. There are various features that differentiate the mattress of Flo Mattress from regular traditional mattresses. Some of these are listed below.

  • Comfort

    Mattresses from Flo Mattress are far more comfortable compared to traditional mattresses. This is due to the fact that the top layers of our mattresses are made up of memory foam. The memory foam takes the shape of your body, thus relieving the pressure points and providing the utmost comfort. As the pressure points are relieved and the body feels relaxed, the quality of sleep is ensured.
  • More Choices To Suit Your Needs

    Unlike traditional mattresses, Flo Mattress has come up with two different variants to serve people with different needs and desires. The two variants are Ergo and Ortho mattress. Our ergo mattresses are softer compared to our ortho mattresses and are ideal for children and for people who like soft cuddly feelings. The ortho mattresses are comparatively harder and preferred by those who like firm mattresses. The top layers of our ortho mattresses are made from highly resilient polyurethane to provide extra back support. This mattress provides unmatched back and spine support and is more suitable for older people prone to back pain.

  • Customization

    Flo Mattress provides customization for its mattresses. Size and shape customization enables you to get the perfect mattress for your bed. The color customization helps you match the mattress with the décor of the house.

  • Responsive Foam

    The foundations of our mattresses are made up of our proprietary Flo responsive foam. Flo responsive foam has been developed after years of research and hard work. This is the most unique feature that almost no traditional mattress possesses. The Flo responsive foam not only gives a firm base to the mattress but also prevents sinking into the mattresses. The responsive foam is designed in a way to respond perfectly to the pressure exerted by the body. As the pressure exerted by the body increases, so does the response from the foam, thus balancing the pressure and preventing the body from sinking deep into the mattress.

  • Gel-infused foams

    Another revolutionary feature of our mattresses is the gel-infused foams. All the foam manufactured by Flo Mattress is infused with white gel micro-capsules. The gel infusion technology is incorporated to provide a sweat-free sleep experience. The white gel capsules infused in the foam absorb the body heat thus keeping you cool and sweat-free. The mattress gives you a cool experience even on a hot summer night.

  • Special Cover

    Most of the traditional mattresses come with a simple cotton fabric cover. However, Flo Mattress’ mattress covers are made out of a combination of high-quality cashmere and 3D spacer fabric. The cashmere gives a soft comfortable feel to the cover and the 3D spacer fabric helps radiate heat away from the body. The covers of our mattresses are also treated with aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is known to have various benefits for the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and youthful. So, with Flo Mattress, you just don’t wake up fresh and energized, but also with glowing, healthy skin!

  • Zero Partner Disturbance

    Mattresses from Flo Mattress are designed keeping in mind the partner disturbance factor. The design is so perfectly crafted that motion is distributed evenly across the mattress. Thus, even if you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns a lot, your sleep remains undisturbed.

  • Quality, Guaranteed!

    Our mattresses come with a 100% guarantee on the quality of foam and fabric used for the mattress. All the foams, fabrics and other materials used for making the mattress are of premium quality. We proudly affirm our quality and offer a full refund in case our customer is not satisfied with the quality delivered at their doorstep.

  • Quality Checked, Certified, and Eco-Friendly

    Mattresses from Flo Mattress are completely quality checked. It fulfills all the quality requirements set by the Indian Government and possesses all the necessary government certifications. All the materials used for making the mattress are non-toxic and environment-friendly. The fabrics used are skin-friendly as demanded by the government.

  • Unparalleled Customer Support

    Flo Mattress offers an unparalleled customer care system. For us, every customer is important and we try our best to keep them happy. Our customer care executives are there at your services both before and after your purchase. If you are confused about which mattress to go for or you need help with the sizing of your mattress, just give us a call and we would help you in the best way we can. After your purchase, if you have any queries or complaints, we would see it and try to resolve it at the earliest. Our customer-centric approach has made Flo Mattress one of the most loved mattresses across India.

Before buying a mattress it is important that you compare traditional mattress reviews with Flo Mattress reviews, this will help you to select the right mattresses for you.

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