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5 Reasons Why a Latex Mattress is Safe For Babies

A latex mattress is typically made of rubber obtained from tree saps, often combined  with foam, is natural and eco-friendly.
It is very understandable that parents want what’s best for their babies, and since babies spend most of their time sleeping, it is of utmost importance to give them the best quality mattress for the best quality sleep.

The Anti-Gravity™  Mattress at Flo is a 100% Natural Latex Mattress

While there are a few synthetic and engineered Latex mattresses in the market, the one we offer at Flo is 100% Natural pin-core latex. That too is better priced than a lot of other latex mattress price.

 If you find yourself asking “Is latex mattress good for baby”, it is, here’s why!

Benefits of Natural Latex Mattress for Babies:

  1. Anti-allergenic

    A  natural latex bed mattress or a natural latex foam mattress is one of the best mattress options for babies. It is free of nasty allergens that are present or get trapped in a lot of other mattresses. One of the biggest advantages of using latex in your mattress is its natural antimicrobial features that repels these microscopic organisms that are not visible to the naked eye, resulting in your baby breathing healthier and cleaner air as they sleep. This also helps keep dust mites at bay. Dust mites are the number one cause of allergies and affect sleep quality severely. Latex naturally does not have any not having any of the elements that dust mites are attracted to. 

    Often mattresses become breeding grounds for undetected micro-organisms such as bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites. These microscopic bugs live in our bedding, mattresses and carpets. 

    Knowing your baby is sleeping on a clean and safe mattress will not only help them sleep well, but you too!

  2. Natural And Toxin Free 

    When you buy a 100% natural latex bed mattress, make sure you're buying from a  credible and trustable source. Any organic latex mattress is made through natural and organic practices, making it completely safe for babies, and helping the environment at the same time! 

    The inherent qualities of latex demand no harmful chemicals or contents to be added to it. Since it is also naturally flame resistant, there are no harmful flame retardant chemicals added. Additionally, organic latex is grown without pesticides and fertilizers, making the latex foam mattress completely toxin free. 

    This may also be available as a latex memory foam mattress variant.

  3. Promotes Mobility And Flexibility

    Any natural latex mattress will allow babies to have relaxing and deep sleep because of its inherent springiness. Latex mattresses do not have an uncomfortable level of sink in, providing optimum support to your baby. 

    As I will elaborate on later, a natural latex mattress has one of the best shape retention qualities. This means more support for your baby’s head, body and back, minimizing any pressure on the body whether the baby sleeps on their back, side or stomach. 

    The Anti-Gravity™  Mattress has a  base layer of  Flo Responsive™ foam, designed to maximize spinal support. The middle transition layer of the super soft foam works with the base layer to ensure additional support under the lighter parts of your baby’s head, lower back and legs so the spine remains perfectly aligned all through the night. This is just an added benefit to the numerous benefits available in the latex layer. 

    This mattress has been specially designed to give neither a “sink-in” feeling nor is it too firm. It offers a unique blend of softness AND support.

  4. Breathable And Cooling

    Any natural latex mattress has an open structure that promotes constant and free airflow. It keeps the mattress cool and does not even trap any body heat. Your baby sleeps with multiple layers and keeping the mattress at a good temperature becomes necessary. The efficient ventilation of body heat makes the mattress breathable and ensures proper airflow. Your baby sleeps comfortably without perspiration.

  5. Durable 

    A natural latex mattress has a phenomenal shape retention rate that enables it to return to its original and natural shape immediately after use. A Latex foam mattress outlasts most other type mattresses and maintains its springiness and shape for years, avoiding any sags or uneven areas on the mattress. The lifespan ranges from 10 to 15 years and that is much longer than other mattresses. The same mattress can last your baby all the way up to their teens. It’s a smart investment in your child’s sleep and well being!

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