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Do you know what an orthopedic mattress is?

In the simplest of terms, an orthopedic mattress is the best friend for your back
and joints. Think about the one person who is always supporting you no matter
how bad the circumstances are. The orthopedic mattress is this VIP person
who has your back, like literally!

The term orthopedic mattress was coined in 1950 after a special mattress was
designed and backed by various studies. Those studies suggested that the
mattress could prevent morning back pain. In the current times, an orthopedic
mattress is a type of mattress that offers support to the joint and the spine. What
modern times we live in!

An orthopedic mattress is typically recommended for the aged mostly above
the age of 60, people who sleep with back pain, people who have posture issues
causing pressure on the back, and people with active lifestyles looking to
recover from injury and fatigue.

As stated by the above lines, an orthopedic mattress is a unicorn. Something
that seems too good to be true, but here we are, serving you an orthopedic
mattress! Introducing Flo’s very own Ortho™ mattress which is your back’s
new best friend. Our Ortho™ mattress is the new kid on the block. Gone are
the days when you had to settle for a standard mattress.

Here are 5 solid reasons why orthopedic mattresses are so

1) Orthopedic mattress provides back support with PainRelease™

 As stated in the origin story of the orthopedic mattress, it was designed with the
intention to relieve pressure from the joint and to provide valuable support. A
lot of standard mattresses compromise on the quality of the foam they use. Flo
Ortho™ mattress’s Pain Release™ technology is designed to bring relief to
your back by giving you the right support and alignment. 

Other mattresses cannot provide support to the joints and the spine. Ortho™
mattress has been designed with the intention to bring relief to the spine and
joints. It has a high resilience foam top layer that is designed to provide firm
orthopedic support to the lower back, thus relieving that dreadful lower back

2) Orthopedic mattress does not sink due to Responsive™ Foam

A lot of standard mattresses sink randomly and this causes uneven weight
distribution and this results in pressure that is being felt on the joints. Flo Ortho™ mattress solves this problem with our Flo Responsive™ foam. This foam is the foundation of the mattress and its main function is to ensure that no
body part sinks more than it should. That means, the more pressure is put on the
mattress, the more support is offered by the mattress thus avoiding the uneven
weight distribution. 

This Ortho™ mattress is reversible and can also be used on either side. On a scale of 1 to 10, where one is soft as cotton and 10 is a little harder, the top layers is 7/10 whereas the base layer is 8/10.

This mattress is also created with Motion Isolation™ which ensures zero partner
disturbance. It means you can enjoy your peaceful sleep while your partner can
toss and turn all they want. 

3) Orthopedic mattress helps in spine alignment

The term backbone is often used to show reliance and stability to the subject at
hand. Being out of alignment causes bad posture and results in the person
hunching over. This, in some cases, not only causes a lot of pain but also affects
the confidence of the person. Flo orthopedic mattress is paired with Shape
Shield™ which ensures that the mattress doesn’t bend or sag over several years,
giving quality to your sleep and relief to your spine. Thus preserving your spine
health and bringing back that lost confidence. 

4) Orthopedic mattress helps you sleep 5º cooler

The Ortho™ mattress however is the closest thing to sleeping on clouds. They are paired with 3D Air-Flo™ technology that helps you sleep up to 5°

cooler. Keeping in mind that sleep hygiene is almost as important as how many
hours you sleep, having a good mattress is very important.

A lot of standard mattresses are made from non-breathable material that causes
rashes and uneasiness. To add to the discomfort they are not at all wash
friendly. Imagine trying to sleep on a stained mattress (yikes). 

Not only is it made out of 100% inner cotton covers making it easy to wash, but
to add to sleep hygiene the Ortho™ mattress also comes with a soft high-quality
cashmere fabric cover. This cover is treated with aloe vera gel, this ensures that
your skin is hydrated and looks youthful. In short, great sleep plus great
skincare! What a steal!

5) Flo's Ortho™ mattress comes with a 100-day free sleep trial and a
10-year warranty

Assurance is the ability to believe that you have control over the outcome. A lot
of things in life have no assurance, in cases where assurance is given it is given
with a lack of confidence. But this is not the case with Flo mattress! The
Ortho™ mattress is backed with such assurance. Not only do we offer a 100-
day sleep trial but also if not satisfied with the mattress a full refund will be
provided to the customers. To top this off, the Ortho™ mattress also comes with
a 10-year warranty. Just another reason why orthopedic mattresses are so
popular, a standard mattress does not come with a free 100 sleep trial or even
better a decade of warranty.
Our orthopedic mattress gets delivered right to your doorstep in a matter of
days. Expect your back’s best friend "The Ortho™" to arrive between 3 to 7
business days at no extra charge. With over 3,000 happy reviews you can rest
assured that you are not the only one who would be enjoying the benefits of
switching from a standard mattress to an orthopedic mattress.
The best orthopedic mattresses in India, the Ortho™ mattress is available in
sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10-inch thickness.

The above reasons state the obvious why orthopedic mattresses are so popular.
They provide support to your joints and the spine, they are made from higher
quality skin-friendly material and they can be bought easily and have
testimonies and warranties to vouch for their quality. So the only question that
remains is, when are you making the switch?

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