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A perfect gift for your Dad: Restful sleep


You snore like thunder yet sleep so light,

Always there to look after us, even in the middle of the night!

Dads are superheroes indeed, just without capes - always there to look after you. They can fix everything from leaky taps to your mood with their best advice and, of course, the infamous dad jokes! While juggling all the work and striving to provide the best for the family, the most important thing that often goes unnoticed is the deep, restful sleep they truly deserve. Quality sleep is crucial for overall health and well-being, even for a superhero, to tackle another day of heroics. So, why not your dad? This father's day, let's celebrate our everyday heroes by giving them a stress-free sleep. (our Stress Release™ mattresses are specially designed to lift that stress from him (wink wink)

Why a Good Mattress Makes the Perfect Father's Day Gift

A good mattress can provide the comfort and support dads need. With the right kind of mattress, he can enjoy numerous health benefits, including proper back support, improved mood, higher energy levels, and reduced back pain. So, they can spend more time taking care of themselves or actively indulging in their hobbies than forwarding good morning messages with a cup of tea and rose! (grin)

Perfect comfort with Flo's Mattresses for Dads

Ortho™ Mattress 

At a younger age, we might not understand the importance of a back support mattress, but as we grow older, it becomes quite evident. That's why our Ortho™ mattress is a perfect fit for dads who wake up with an achy back or body. An anti-sag mattress designed with Pain Release™ technology, it ensures the spine maintains its natural ‘S’ shape and the body gets continuous support while sleeping. No more waking up with complaints of back discomfort!

Imagine your father waking up rejuvenated, free of grunts and stiffness. This mattress is more than simply a present; it's a solution to improved health and well-being. The Ortho™ mattress is ideal for elderly parents over 60 who prefer firmer mattresses and deserve pleasant sleep every night.

Anti-Gravity™ Mattress

Is your dad a nature lover? We have a perfect blend of comfort and support for him, the Anti-Gravity™ mattress. You dad, who loves to spend his days nurturing plants or taking long walks, would love coming home to a mattress that offers him the same nurturing comfort. This mattress has a top layer made from 100% natural pin-core latex, which is anti-allergenic and provides excellent pressure relief. It’s like giving your dad the feeling of floating on water every night! The Flo Anti-Gravity™ is India’s first mattress designed to minimize the effects of gravity on the body, ensuring a restful sleep.

Special features to make him feel special

3D Air-Flo Technology

Flo’s 3D Air-Flo Technology is an innovative technology that absorbs the heat from the body and pushes it out from the sides of the mattress. This will ensure your dad sleeps up to 5° cooler. So, even on the hottest days, he won’t need an AC!

Motion Isolation™ Technology

Flo’s Motion Isolation™ Technology gives your dad a zero partner disturbance sleep by isolating movement on the mattress. So, even if mom moves around or gets up during the night, dad can continue sleeping soundly without any interruptions. 

Stress Release™ Technology

This technology ensures your dad stays stress free! Stress Release™ technology minimises painful pressure points, improves circulation and gives your dad a deep restful sleep. For dads who want to sleep like a log.


At Flo Mattress, we believe every dad deserves great sleep, as it's essential for living his best life. Our team of sleep experts has worked tirelessly to create mattresses that offer unmatched comfort, support, and rejuvenation night after night. This Father's Day, give your dad the gift of perfect sleep with a Flo Mattress.

To all the Dads,

You’ve been our guide through every night and day,

With laughter and wisdom lighting our way.

Now it’s time for you to rest and reap,

We wish you sweet dreams and perfect sleep!

Happy Father’s Day!


Give your Dad the gift of restful sleep with Flo Mattress!!

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