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Best Body Hugging Comfort with Memory Foam Mattress In 2022

Are you on the hunt for a new mattress? Well, memory foam mattresses are sweeping the markets away right now and we are going to tell you why. Memory foam was first designed from a substance called viscoelastic which is really soft to touch and highly energy absorbent. Soon after its invention, people began using it in all sorts of things and with passing time, its applications only grew in number.

Memory foam now isn’t just used in mattresses, but also in helmet paddings, pillows, car seats, sofa sets, and more. If the density is high enough, memory foam can prove to be a very durable substance that also provides decent support and excellent pressure relief for a very long time. Spring mattresses, which are also very common and present in many households, generally have a shorter lifespan than memory foam mattresses. As such, the benefits of memory foam mattresses are many. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

1. Excellent Pain Relief

After having gone through a long day, your body requires relaxation from all that stress, and it is only in a resting position that your body receives it. However, if the mattress does not provide the required comfort to your body, you can experience discomfort and other issues in that body region, which can worsen over time if not handled properly.

The role played by a memory foam mattress in relieving pain may be observed in the memory foam substance. It has health benefits that help you overcome pain in your body, so you don't have to deal with soreness or any other kinds of aches. Due to its absorbent and body-hugging feature, you can recover quickly from an injury and the substance effectively helps treat your pain. So every time you wake up, your vitality stays intact, and your sleep becomes all the more comfortable

2. Hypoallergenic

With technology having evolved over the years, the best memory foam mattresses have grown to accommodate more beneficial features – one of them being its ability to remain hypoallergenic. Any good memory foam mattress will have a thick foam structure that helps to reduce the number of allergens that can accumulate in it. No dust, mould, or other allergens will be able to enter your mattress. This is especially beneficial for people suffering from allergies, who are frequently hindered from getting a decent night's sleep.

3. Anti-Sag and Zero Sinkage

The newest memory foam mattresses that are being manufactured are made from high-quality adaptable materials that provide the perfect balance of not too soft and not too hard. Because of the open cell construction, you can rest assured that these mattresses will not sag over time and provide you the best value that a mid-range foam mattress price can get you.

Now, that we know what a good memory foam mattress can bring to the table, let us introduce you to the best body hugging memory foam mattress – the Flo Ergo Mattress.

When compared to other memory foam mattresses online, the Flo Ergo is leagues apart. We have not only taken measures to make this the best memory foam mattress in the market but we also provide this in custom sizes to help you find the best size for yourself in addition to our standard sizes which come in 4, 6, 8, and 10 inch thickness.

The top layer of this mattress constitutes of gel-infused temperature-sensitive memory foam, which not only responds to your weight but also to your body temperature and moulds itself to contour the shape of your body; this means that the foam under the heavier parts of your body – hips, legs, back and shoulders – compress more than the foam under the lighter parts of your body – head, neck, and arms – ensuring that you feel cradled throughout the night – delivering the ultimate body-hugging sleep.

The mattress can be used on either side and is fully reversible – this truly helps you get the best ROI on your mattress investment. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is as soft as a layer of cotton and 10 is as hard as a marble floor, the top layer of the Flo Ergo Mattress is a 6, while the bottom layer is an 8. This way you get to experience both sides and pick the one that suits you best.

To add to your comfort this mattress also includes a soft, high-quality cashmere cover and our 3D Air-Flo™ technology that draws the heat away from your body and disperses heat away from the mattress, ensuring that you sleep cool even on hot summer nights; coupled with an aloe vera gel-infused layer that safeguards the freshness on your mattress and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated every morning.


With a high-quality memory foam mattress, you can sleep peacefully and wake up with a great sense of comfort each morning. Sleep is crucial to one’s health, and you should prioritize purchasing a good, reliable mattress that does its job.

Need some more clarity on how a memory foam mattress can help make amends to your health? Click here to get in touch with us. We’d be elated to address all your queries and help you make the best decision to improve your sleep experience.

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