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Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain

Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain

At some point in time, we all have suffered from some kind of neck pain which kind of hurts like hell. It makes your neck stiff and immobile making life miserable. But you know this constant annoying neck pain did not originate without any reason. Neck pains are relentless and don’t go away on their own making simple daily tasks impossible. 

What is the cause of neck pain?

There can be several reasons for neck pain and the most common ones are bad sleeping posture, slouching, staying in one position for a long time, putting a heavyweight on your shoulders, spending a long time in front of a computer, or television, etc. 

Neck pain mainly arises when the neck and spine are not aligned normally. This instead creates immense pressure on the muscles and you experience pain. However, your neck pain due to sleep position is not always true, it might also be caused by certain diseases like osteoarthritis where the joints inflame because of all the wear and tear.  

However, neck pain might even worsen when you start adopting a poor posture while sleeping. Wondering why? It is because the wrong sleeping position that you have practiced all these years has disturbed your spinal alignment. A lot of sleepers sprawl throughout the bed and then some sleep in the wrong mattresses and pillows. If you really want to get rid of this pain then first change your sleeping position and also switch using an orthopedic mattress and pillows for best results. 

Choosing a good mattress can be daunting as some might use a soft mattress, some may prefer a medium or even hard mattress.  If you want to be sure about the perfect mattress for you then please go through Mattress Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Mattress.

Best sleeping positions for neck pain

  1. Sleeping on your back for super support

    Usually sleeping on your back is considered the best sleeping position for neck pain as that keeps your spine aligned with your neck and gives your entire body more support. You must make sure that your neck is not in a twisted position. The only limitation of sleeping on your back is if you snore, it can worsen. In that case, you must try sleeping on your side. According to some experts, a medium soft pillow can support the natural curve of your neck that will be ideal for your sleeping position.


  2. Sleeping on your side for comfort

    People who do not prefer sleeping on their backs can switch sleeping on your side.  This is another ideal sleeping posture for neck pain where your neck can be supported from one side with a pillow. If your neck pain is in a critical condition, then you must turn your head to one side and sleep in such a position where you can easily twist your neck and feel more supported.

    Sleeping on your left side is the best sleeping posture as it has the added benefit of keeping your stomach neutral, preventing heartburn. However, a firm yet thin pillow will be ideal for your sleep that can support your head and neck. Place your shoulder in the level of your mattress. You may put another pillow or rolled towel in between your knees to keep your spine aligned. 

  3. Painless and popular Fetal position

    Researches say that about 80% of people sleep in a fetal position which is almost similar to sleeping on your side. This can be an effective sleeping position for cervical pain because you are most likely curling up your knees up to your chest. Do not forget to keep your hands in front of your body instead of keeping your hands by the side of the body. The fetal position can be the most ideal position if you are pregnant as this posture encourages blood flow to the fetus. 

  4. Swapping between sleeping positions

    Now that you know the sleeping position to avoid stiff neck, you must also try swapping between sleeping positions at night. But at the end of the day, you must choose the sleeping position which is most comfortable for you. If you see that your neck pain is persistent even after changing your sleeping position then try some other position, experiment with your pillows and mattresses, or just consult with a doctor.

  5. Pro tips to prevent neck pain

    Apart from adapting the ideal sleeping position for cervical painpreventing neck pain to the next level is also very crucial. In order to do that, make sure that you consider every single aspect of your sleep routine to accomplish maximum painless neck condition.
  • Improve your pillowMake sure that your pillow is present in a very comfortable position to maintain your body alignment. A feather pillow or a cervical pillow can be very effective for comforting neck pain.
  • Do not keep your phone in your bed- Yes you heard me right. Using the phone in bed while you are lying down can insist you bend your neck in such an awkward angle that it can increase your neck pain.
  • Maintaining a sleep quality- Sleep is not just about adopting the best position. If you are really looking for a great rejuvenated appearance, then create a sleep routine for yourself. Engage yourself in some relaxing activities before going to bed and also make sure that you get plenty of hours of sleep. 
  • Maintain a proper posture- Do not forget to maintain a proper posture during the day. Try to maintain a proper posture, especially when sitting in front of your computer. Hunching your shoulder and bending your neck can even worsen your neck pain. 
  • Use your phone smartly- Try holding your phone at your eye level instead of bending your neck forward. Additionally, use headphones instead of tucking your phone between your ears and shoulder. 
  • Exercise regularly- Doctors always suggest that mild exercises, stretching or other physical activities are very important for your body, muscles, and especially your neck. 

At the end of the day, do what is best for you!

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