Flo Mattress vs Sleepwell Mattress: Comparison 2024
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Flo Mattress v/s Sleepwell Mattress

Flo Mattress vs Sleepwell Mattress

Sleep is the biggest gift that God has given to us human beings. It revives, rejuvenates, and refreshes our mind and body. Sound sleep is so important for a stress-free and energetic journey towards our goal. And a good mattress is like the best mate of sleep. A good mattress may enhance your sleep experience many folds. However, finding a good mattress is not an easy task.

The older day approach of buying a mattress from your trusted retail store is changing is this era of e-markets. Many online portals have been developed to ease the buying experience of the customers. Some of the portals have come up with good and innovative mattress designs to give their customers an overwhelming sleep experience. Flo Mattress is one such online portal. Flo Mattress team has worked hard for years to develop a mattress design that satisfies all the customer’s needs and desires.

With the growing number of online mattress sellers, it has become way too difficult for the customers to choose the correct mattress wisely. Most of the customers get misled by fake promises and big names. However, Flo Mattress strongly recommends a thorough analysis of all the options available before buying the mattress. This is because we, at Flo Mattress, completely understand that mattresses are bought once in a while and can’t be changed regularly. Moreover, an unsatisfactory mattress not only ruins the sleep experience but also has adverse effects on the body and the mind too.

To help you out with your mattress hunt, Flo Mattress presents helps you to compare our product with various other available brands. In this article, we will show you how Flo mattress differs from Sleepwell mattress. Listed below are salient features of Flo Mattress that make us unique and unmatched.

Features of Flo Mattress:

  • Unmatched Quality

    The excellent quality of mattresses from Flo Mattress speaks for itself. Although being newer to the industry compared to Sleepwell, Flo mattress has gained much popularity due to its unmatched quality and comfort. Our brand may be new but our experience, knowledge, and hard work are deep-rooted. It took us years of research and development to make the perfect mattress designs which suit the various needs and desires of the customers.

  • Customer Friendly

    Flo Mattress provides the best in class pre and posts mattress buying experience. Our customer care executives will guide you through all the pros and cons in the most trustworthy manner. They help you choose the best mattress according to your requirements and desires. Flo Mattress also resolves the post-purchase issues in the best possible manner and at the earliest.

  • Government Certified

    Flo Mattress possesses all required certifications from the Indian Government. The materials used are quality checked and have full assurance. All the raw materials used in making the mattress are up to the make and satisfies government criteria. The materials used are completely non-toxic and skin-friendly.

  • Designed To Perfection

    The mattress design that Flo Mattress emphasizes user comfort. Each mattress is made keeping in mind the requirements, needs, and expectations of Indian users. Flo Mattress has come up with this design after years of research, surveys, and hard work. Our ortho mattress design provides unparalleled spine and back support. On the other hand, our ergo mattresses are known for their comfort and ease. Our special responsive foam used for the foundation of the mattress is specially designed to prevent sinking into the bed. The foam perfectly balances the body weight and pressure and does not let the mattress set down with time. 

    Thus our design provides both comfort and longevity.

  • Happy Customers, Happy Us

    Flo Mattress has a huge family of happy customers. Our customers have given amazing reviews about our product on our website as well as other web portals. We publish genuine reviews on our websites which are provided by our beloved customers who have been using our mattresses for a long period. You can compare those with Sleepwell reviews. Such reviews clearly show our customer’s satisfaction and happiness.

    At Flo Mattress, we also welcome the feedback provided by our customers. This feedback helps us develop our products furthermore, and we take our customers’ feedback very, very seriously. Each feedback is taken into consideration and all the necessary steps are being taken from our side to satisfy the customers to the fullest.

  • World-Class Aloe vera Treated Covers

    The covers of all the mattresses from Flo Mattress are treated with Aloe Vera gel. Aloe vera has various health and skin benefits. The cover is treated with Aloe vera keeps your skin hydrated and gives you a natural glow. Moreover, Aloe Vera helps keep away skin allergies and makes you look youthful.

    Our covers are also provided with zippers which make it easy to remove for cleaning. Zippered covers help keep the mattresses stain-free and hygienic.

  • Cost-Effective

    Unlike the big names of the industry, like Sleepwell, who sells foam mattresses at high rates, Flo Mattress brings you your dream mattresses at a budget-friendly price. Mattresses from Flo Mattress are sent directly from our manufacturing units to the customer’s doorstep. This direct dealing with the customer cuts off the intermediate overhead expenses. As the heavy intermediate costs and bulky showroom profits are deducted our mattresses are available for the customers at a very reasonable cost. Flo Mattress promises its customers the best value for their money as compared to Sleepwell mattress prices.

  • We Provide Customization

    The most appreciated feature of Flo Mattress is that it enables you to customize your mattress according to your needs and desires. Many color options are provided so that you can match the mattress with the décor of your house and bed. Customization in the size of mattress is also offered to get the perfect mattress for your odd-sized bed. Our custom-made mattresses fit perfectly into the bed without leaving any gaps. Flo Mattress also customizes the shape of the mattress for you.

  • Refund Policy

    Flo Mattress assures 100% quality for its mattresses. It is due to this reason that we offer a 100-night trial period. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your Flo Mattress, we refund you the full amount you paid for the mattress and that too without any hassle. Sleepwell doesn’t provide any such trial period, so even if you are not satisfied with the product you have to bear the expense of the mattress.

  • Highly Durable

    Flo Mattress uses premium quality fabrics, foams and other materials used for making the mattresses. Using high-quality raw materials increases the life and durability of the mattress. Even after years of usage, mattresses from Flo Mattress remains as good as new.

  • Delivered in a compact box

    People who live on the 3rd or 4th or higher floors of a building find it very difficult to carry their retail store-bought mattresses to their flat. This problem doesn’t occur in the case of mattresses ordered from Flo Mattress. All our mattresses are vacuum packed in a small comfortable box which is easy to carry and lift. For females who live alone, this proves to be a big benefit. Mattresses can be easily carried to the place where it needs to be installed. All you need to do is place the vacuum-packed mattress on the bed and unwrap. As soon as the mattress unwrapped, it expands to its size and is ready for use.

The key to a good night's sleep is the right mattress. Flo Mattress offers top-notch quality and comfort for your sleep sanctuary.

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