Which Mattress Is Better? Flo Mattress Vs. Sleep Spa Mattress
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Flo Mattress VS Sleep Spa

 Flo Mattress Vs Sleep Spa Mattress      


Buying mattresses online becomes overwhelming if you’re unaware of the features. To choose a good mattress, you need to know about the brand, the type of mattress, budget and overall look etc. All these factors must be taken into consideration while buying a new mattress online

Moreover, you need to measure the bed, know the dimensions and share it with your trusted mattress brand. This becomes challenging when you don’t have the correct guidance from the mattress company’s support team. So, it is a good idea to invest in a mattress only after you’ve checked the mattress brand well including all its features.

In this article, we’ll compare the mattresses of Flo Mattress with Sleep Spa, a relatively new mattress brand in India with the same aim as many other mattress brands in the city. Let’s dig in deep and understand the major differences between the Flo Mattress and Sleep Spa Mattress.

  1. A Size for Everyone!

With years of experience, Sleep Spa claims to provide the best in class products along with good customer support. At Flo Mattress, we work to innovate something new in the mattress industry. We have tried every combination of foams and fabrics to produce a mattress that offers unparalleled comfort and support. The innovative foam provides the comfort that your body needs during sleep. 

With a high level of luxury and comfort attached to our products, you cannot go wrong with your purchase. Moreover, we use cashmere fabrics, 3 D space fabrics, responsive poly foams to craft our mattress. With the superior quality constituents and advanced materials, we are setting a benchmark that not many other brands have made in the past. We understand that sleep behavior of every individual is different and keeping this in mind, Flo Mattress designs the mattresses catering every individual’s sleeping need.

Flo Mattress also offers a 100 night trial period. During this phase, you can experience the product for about 100 nights. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get your money back. We even offer different sizes and even a custom size tailor made for you in case you ask for it. We have managed to create products which ensure that everyone gets a peaceful dose of sound sleep whenever they wish to.

  1. Great Level of Transparency

Flo Mattress is one of the transparent brands which believe in building long term relationships with the customers. We offer quality mattress at affordable prices and support the customers to get the best sleeping experience. We show you the cost breakup of our mattress model which shows our transparency. If you come across any faulty product, the team at Flo Mattress will help you to return it back. We make sure that no customer is left unanswered and this assures transparency of our services.

  1. Superior Comfort

Good sleep is important for overall well-being. However, a mattress that provides high level comfort is crucial to achieve a good sleep. Getting a right mattress of your choice will give you proper comfort along with the right support.

To get great sleep, you need to trust in one of the many mattress brands in India. There are various brands that promise quality products providing the utmost comfort to the end-user. However, choosing one is a bit tricky. 

With Flo Mattress, you can be rest assured to get the quality products.  The exclusive design luxurious mattress provides good support that your body needs. Mattresses at Flo Mattress has been specially designed for giving comfort with a thickness of 6 inches. It takes away all your stress and fatigue and gives you a very good sleep. This is the reason that customers love our custom made mattresses and do not want to part with it. For them, Flo Mattress is the most comfortable mattress that provides them the best sleeping experience which keeps them fresh all day long.

  1. Good for Spine  

Each product has its own feature which makes it different from the other due to its unique configuration. At Flo Mattress, we design the mattress keeping in mind the individual needs for the perfect mattress. The team not only cater to the latest advancements in the sleep industry but we make sure to design it with best configuration that goes well with people’s spines and this assures that Flo Mattress products are a haven of support.

Ortho mattresses at Flo Mattress are specifically designed to combat back problems. It is made of polyurethane foam & responsive foam that ensures that no part of the body sinks in more than it should. In addition, the mattresses provides excess dose of springiness and bounce which makes for all round fantastic experience for the user.

  1. Positive reviews

Our wide range of mattresses helps the individual to have comfort sleep, these mattresses are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of different individual. We believe in customer satisfaction and this is why they show trust and confidence in us. The postive reviews on our website and different portals proofs the love of our customer towards the mattresses from Flo Mattress

  1. Pioneers of the Aloe Vera Fabric    

Flo Mattress is the pioneer in the Indian market to launch a memory foam mattress infused with 

Aloe vera fabric.  The product received a very good response from our consumers. Ergo mattress and Ortho mattress are a representation of Nature’s wonder plant, Aloe Vera.

  1. Foam Mattress at Flo Mattress vs Sleep Spa Foam Mattress   

Foam mattresses of Flo Mattress are comfortable for those who sleep on their backs as it provides a more stable and even surface. Moreover, if you’re living in a warm climate, a foam mattress will be good for you. It will facilitate better airflow that can help keep you cooler. Also, a foam mattress supports you when you sit on the edge of your bed whereas other types such as Sleep Spa mattress don’t offer this benefit.  

Flo foam mattresses are usually recommended for those who prefer softer ergonomic support. Also, the mattresses are designed using quality material such as aloe vera infused cashmere fabric on both sides. Thus, the mattress can easily be flipped and either side can be used for those who prefer very firm support. Sleep spa mattress has been designed keeping in mind sleeper’s quest for the perfect mattress. Each mattress configuration and foam is tested to ensure providing good support.

  1. Flo Mattress Memory Foam Mattress vs Sleep Spa Memory Foam Mattress 

The top layer of mattresses at Flo Mattress has gel-infused temperature-sensitive memory foam which responds to your weight as well as your body temperature and moulds itself to take the shape of your body. The foam under the heavier parts of the body compresses more than the lighter parts of your body that make you feel cradled through the night. On the contrary, sleep spa memory foam mattresses are not designed in such a way to eliminate the pressure build on the body and enhances your comfort.

  1. Flo Mattress Single & Double Bed Mattress vs Sleep Spa Single & Double Mattress      

Single and double bed mattresses provide you the best sleep experience and make you feel refreshed after a long tiring day. The extensive collection of Flo Mattress offers the perfect solution for single or double beds. These mattresses assure you and your family gets the restful sleep your body needs. 

Sleep Spa offers a limited range of mattresses that fall short in suiting to every individual’s sleeping needs. These mattresses often lack the required customization in order to suit different needs, unlike our mattresses from Flo Mattress.

From a wide variety of brands, you can choose a quality Flo Mattress that includes spring mattresses that assure long-lasting durability, memory foam mattresses for superior comfort and support and many more models that provide you the luxurious comfort. This will help you to get sound sleep through the night.

If you want to buy a high-quality mattress, then purchasing it online from Flo Mattress is the best way to go ahead. At Flo Mattress, the mattresses are exclusively designed to excel your expectations and can transform your bed into a sleep heaven. The pressure points on the mattress help you sleep with a peaceful mind that will wake you up fresh every morning.

The key to a good night's sleep is the right mattress. Flo Mattress offers top-notch quality and comfort for your sleep sanctuary.

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