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Foldable Mattress: Maintenance & Care

Your Flo Ortho™, Ergo™  and Anti-Gravity™ mattress are delivered as a portable bed mattress. We also have the Flo InstaBed, a portable  bed, but not a foldable double mattress. We do not sell foldable mattress online, since we believe that the quality of your sleep and more importantly your mattress is of utmost importance, and foldable mattresses are not the best for quality sleep. While they may be easy to store and store, the ridges on the mattress often lead to an unaligned spine while you sleep. At Flo, we provide a 10-year warranty for anything over a 1-inch sag. However, taking care of your mattress can elongate its lifespan. But how to keep any mattress in its best shape and optimum performance? With a diligent dose of maintenance and care! Here are some tips and tricks for the same!

Tips for Maintaining a Foldable Mattress

    1. Invest in a good mattress protector 

      A good mattress protector can protect your mattress from allergens and microorganisms, and also help maintain the aesthetics of your mattress. A water and dust proof mattress protector will work wonders and add several years to your mattress life. 
      The Flo Aloe Vera Gel Infused Waterproof Mattress Protector is one of the best buys in this case. It is aloe vera infused, ultra absorbent and machine washable made with 100% cotton terry with Wonder-Membrane™ technology.

    2. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite 

      Bedbugs are one of the nastiest and fastest ways to ruin your mattress. They are not easy to get rid off and often cause a lot of irritation and unnecessary problems.
      When sleeping on mattresses outside of your home, learn how to detect bed bugs. Avoid keeping furniture on the bed and refrain from using infected beds. In areas where these mites are more common, using a bedbug-proof mattress protector might help.
      Owing to the denser structure of latex mattresses, it acts as a natural deterrarnt to bed bugs.

    3. Let the sun do it’s thing 

      Every once in a while let your mattress chill in teh sunlight. It’ll help keep your mattress fresh and clean. This helps getting rid of any moisture taht might be trapped - from users and may also help keep dust mites at bay.

How to care for Foldable Mattress for Floor?

Just a few things to keep in mind in addition to the points mentioned above,

  1. Keep the floor clean
  2. Regularly air out the mattress to avoid moisture and mildew
  3. Avoid placing the mattress on a carpet, flat and finished surfaces work better
  4. Use a mattress protector and always buy a mattress with anti-sag and warranty

If you are looking to buy portable mattress, the InstaBed is a good choice. However, this is NOT recommended for daily use and is a lightweight and convenient foldable bed mattress online.

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