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Give Yourself the Gift of Healthy Sleep This Diwali

Make the festival of lights the festival of nights! Diwali is the heart of the festive season, and it’s time to gift yourself healthy sleep to yourself this Diwali in the form of the best mattress in India! You certainly deserve it. Gift yourself 10 years of great sleep on mattress!

Best Mattress for A Good Night’s Sleep

If you find yourself asking, “Which mattress is good for sleeping?”, you should know that there is no definite answer! The best mattress to buy for you might not be the same for someone else. There are a huge variety of options for the best mattress online, so we can help you choose what is the best fit for you!

To be able to enjoy the best of each festive season and absorb the positive vibrations in the air you need to fix your sleeping habits. This is because good or bad sleep creates a ripple effect on our life. It impacts our performance, productivity, and attitude greatly, be it positive or negative. Thus, it becomes important to understand what is the best mattress to buy for you and your individual needs so it makes your life exponentially better. If you are particularly looking to buy the best mattress in India, there’s a very real chance that you might find the best mattress online.

A good night’s sleep on a mattress that suits you can lead to many positive changes in your life. It can help you improve your posture and overall health, maintain and correct hormone imbalances, increase overall productivity, and even helps with clarity of thought.

Looking for the ideal gift this festive season?

Spend your time and money on the best sleeping mattress for the best sleep. Diwali shopping especially Diwali gift ideas and thinking about what to spend on Dhanteras can be time-consuming and tedious. So why run around looking for trinkets when you can gift yourself and your loved ones the gift of deep sleep for 10 years?!

Families are a beautiful mix of people of different ages, needs and preferences. It can become very challenging to find which mattress is good for sleeping for everyone, so here’s a quick checklist for the best sleeping mattress for every individual!

1. The Ergo™ 

This could be the best sleeping mattress for any and every age group. With a medium soft feel, it is a go-to for working professionals, couples, children, and students! It is suitable for anyone that is looking for a one-time, cost-effective investment. An anti-sag mattress with great MotionIsolation™️ technology that enables zero partner disturbance so that when you sleep on mattress with a partner that keeps moving, you are still not disturbed. Our 3D Air-Flo™️ technology helps you sleep up to 5° cooler and our proprietary Flo Responsive™️ foam as the base layer which 'responds' to the weight/pressure you put on the mattress thereby giving you the ideal support for your specific body responding to different bodies differently.

2. The Ortho™ -

This is the best sleeping mattress for anyone over the age of 60 or someone looking to relieve back and neck pain and have orthopedic support. With a medium-firm feel, it is suitable for anyone that is looking cost-effective investment, the best sleeping mattress to relieve back pains. An anti-sag mattress, with the best PainRelease™️ technology, specifically meant to help with back problems by providing extra support. On top of that, our 3D Air-Flo™️ technology makes sleep at up to 5° cooler and our Flo Responsive™️ foam as the base layer that 'responds' to the pressure your body puts on the mattress.

3. The Anti-Gravity™  -

Imagine the best sleeping mattress - a mattress that combines the orthopedic support from our proprietary Flo Responsive™ foam with 100% natural pin-core latex. It is anti-allergenic, safe for babies, eco-friendly and a unique blend of softness AND support. This mattress has been specially designed for those who neither like the “sink-in” feeling that one gets on a memory foam mattress nor like the firmness of an orthopedic foam mattress, and are looking for something in between.


Which mattress is good for sleeping?

Any Flo mattress! However, the best mattress is the one that is comfortable for YOU. 

Which mattress is good?

Ideally you should consider a few factors while deciding which mattress is the ideal one for you. 

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