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Hard Vs. Soft Mattress: What mattress style fits your needs?

Hard Vs. Soft Mattress

The hard mattress gives stiffness to your body while the soft mattress cushions the body. Some people choose stiffness for their back and body pain while some prefer to have softer support. The debate on the choices is endless. Sometimes it is not only the preferences but also the health issues that play a great role. The team of Flo Mattress will let you know some of the interesting facts. 

Hard Vs Soft Mattress

Hard mattresses

The hard mattress helps keep your body straight and the spine neutral while you are sleeping. And due to this, the pressure on your internal system gets reduced and your body maintains a better flow of functions and efficient blood circulation throughout the night to give you a better sleep. 

It is also said, that when you sleep aligned and straight there is greater inhalation of the oxygen in your body and you also get your food digested easily. When we see it through the health benefits it is surely a good option but at first, it takes time for some people to adjust on a hard mattress if your body is habitual to softer and comfortable ones. 

You can easily buy a hard mattress online through Flo mattress and have a comfortable sleep. We have a wide range of mattresses including Posturepedic mattress where you can find yours easily with not many efforts and you get the following advantages:

  • A luxury foam of high density is used 
  • A good quality quilting that results in no sagging
  • The best remedy for people with back and body pains
  • It comes in a thickness of about 6 inches and if required you can also have it customized as per your requirements. 
  • Quick delivery in about 7" to 14 days and for 8" and other customized ones it takes 14-21 days. 
  • No extra charges with delivery to your desired destination directly from the factory 

Soft mattresses

A soft mattress is something that a person cannot ignore. It is designed for people who need a peaceful sleep after a long hard-working and also suitable for those having pain in the joints. It is comfortable enough to provide an exact sleeping position by lifting you from the unsupported areas no matter you sleep on the side or a fetal position.

There is a number scale 1-10 from which the softness of the mattress is predicted. From the given number you can decide which mattress could be suitable for you but in the end, you can only be sure after experiencing the feel and comfort of a different soft mattress. 

In the number scale, 1 is for extremely soft where you feel like sinking in into your bed, 2-3 is for soft where the soft mattress has the sinking in quality and the plush is little less. The scale from 4-6 where the mattress does consist of the sinking quality but less than the soft mattress under the scale of 2-3. The scale 7-9 is less soft and don't sink much, a little harder. And scale 10 is hardest among all doesn't allow you to sink in or feel soft.

Again when you wish to buy a soft mattress nothing is better than going online. Choosing soft mattress online give good control to choose the correct one for you. We at Flo mattresses have a wide variety for your correct option with some of the essential benefits

  • The soft mattress provides soft ergonomic support to your body 
  • While having your comfortable sleep there is less tossing and turning with improve pressure relief and a stable circulation of blood in the body 
  • The mattresses are reversible that is it could be used on either side of it and it provides them long-lasting life. It also has a zippered removable cover.
  • It has temperature-sensitive memory foam which keeps your body cool 
  • It gives you zero disturbance from the tossing and turning of your partner
  • The soft online mattress comes directly from the industry and we never cost you extra charges. 

Pros and cons of hard and soft mattresses

Good choice of mattresses matter a lot as it can be much responsible to break or make your sleep and that is why you must get the right one for yourself. Without healthy sleep, it becomes difficult to perform at work or at home and for students to concentrate on their studies. It is always better that you are known with the pros and cons of a hard mattress and the soft one so that there is no disturbance in your sleep at any cost. 

  • Pros of a hard mattress

  1. Keeps your body straight and provides a natural spine position
  2. It helps in reducing pressure on the circulatory system of the body
  3. By preventing collapsing of your lower back and helps to inhale more oxygen
  4. Supportive to body props that are using a body pillow or knee pillow is not a problem.
  5. Though a little uncomfortable in the beginning but it can be adapted easily
  6. Hard mattress online is easy to buy and choose among varieties 
  • Cons of a hard mattress

  1. If you use too sleep on a soft mattress than turning to a hard mattress will take some days to adjust
  2. Certain health conditions including arthritis, rheumatism, scoliosis, etc. are not suitable to have a hard mattress and thus it is not a good option for people with these conditions`
  3. It is a little difficult to find out the differences in firmness among the varieties of hard mattresses and it happens that some are not that firm.
  4. Indentations could be created due to body weight
  5. Hard and solid mattresses have fewer advertisements and usage than the soft and plush ones. 
  • Pros of the soft mattress

  1. Back pains could be reduced with the help of soft mattress ad it also helps in dealing with joint pains and more.
  2. Being much slimmer, people with lightweight can choose the medium-firm mattress to have a fluffy feel and no sacrifice to the spinal cord.
  3. It is a really good option for the people who sleep on their sides and buying soft mattress online is super simple and could be done in minutes

A primary firm mattress could get a softer touch by adding a pillow-top system to it.

Some researchers are trying to research the ways to allow the mattress to support the body even if is a softer one. 

  • Cons of the firm mattress

  1. Your spine may be a push from its alignment and you fail to have a good sleep. 
  2. Buying a hard mattress is much cheaper than the soft ones.
  3. The level of softness could be different for two different people and can cause discomfort to anyone of them
  4. By being softer by years it can be felt inappropriate after a time
  5. The buyer satisfaction for the soft mattress is below average. 

Selecting a mattress is all about how comfortably you enjoy your sleep were the other factors that matter is your sleeping habits, weight, and health conditions. Flo mattress could help you to choose the better one for you with the help of our customer guidance and help. We understand how important sleep is for a person and we try you never compromise with it and provide you the best mattresses at affordable prices.

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