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How to Correctly Measure the Dimensions for a Mattress

Buying a mattress is no child’s play! People often go to the store and pick up a standard size mattress. But like most personal items, one size doesn’t fit all!

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This blog will help you understand the sizes of mattress available, how to measure them and factors to be considered before buying a mattress.

What are the Different Sizes Available?

While there are a number of sizes available from Crib, Twin to California King, we are going to consider the most commonly chosen sizes for discussion here-

  • Single bed mattress:

    As the name suggests this mattress is ideal for one person to sleep on. Perfect for kid’s room or guest room, the standard size of a single mattress in India is 72x36 inches.
  • Double bed mattress:

    There was a time when double bed mattresses were the most popular category for couples. Measuring 72x48 inches these mattresses have ruled the roost for many years. However, in recent years the trend has changed. Experts are of the opinion that these mattresses are better suited for an adult with a large frame or for a mother and her newborn baby.
  • Queen size mattress:

    Measuring 60x78 inches, a queen size mattress is ideal for a couple. Also, if you have a master bedroom that is smaller in size it is advisable to go for a queen size mattress.
  • King size mattress:

    Your master bedroom is big, you have children/pets sharing the bed with you, you are tall or you are a couple who like to have extra space while sleeping? Go for the king size mattress. Measuring 78x72 inches, this mattress gives you the extra space to indulge in while sleeping.

How to Measure the Mattress Dimension?

Measure a mattress dimension? Why?  When there are standard size cots and mattresses available in the market what is the need to measure dimensions?

Well, though the market is flooded with readymade cots, there is still is a sizeable population who like to get their furniture custom made. Custom made cots need custom made beds too to fit perfectly!

So, how can you measure the mattress size-

  • It is best to have a helping hand while taking measurements.
  • You would need a retractable measuring tape (like the ones carpenters use).
  • Ensure the cot is bare, devoid of any mattress or sheets.
  • Place the tape on one end of the cot and measure the length and width.
  • If your cot has edges, ensure you measure till the inside of the edges. If not the mattress may end up being too big or too small.

Measure correctly and you will get a mattress that fits right.

Size Factors to Consider Before Buying your Mattress

Apart from the actual need and size, there are a few other factors that help us determine the size of the mattress and cot. These are:

  • Bedroom dimension:

    Measure your bedroom size with a tape, both length and width. You should have enough space to maneuver and put essential bedroom furniture like dresser, and night stands.
  • Imagine different sizes:

    Standard bed sizes are given above, so if you intend placing the mattress on the floor that's the space which will be used. If you intend to buy a cot add a few inches and imagine them in the room.

    You can also mark the space that will be taken by the mattress and cot to help you make a better decision.
  • Living space or spacious bed:

    This is a very personal choice to make. While some people like more space to move about there are others who like bigger beds. Determine your need.
  • Think futuristically:

    Beds and mattresses are long term investments in a home. Think of how your life may pan out in the next 7-9 years and plan accordingly. If you planning for a bigger family, then buy a bigger bed that your current requirement.


Well, you wouldn’t have thought that buying a mattress involved so many things! But yes it does! Mattresses purchasing can be overwhelming if you do not invest some time in clearly identifying your requirement. If you need more help on how to measure for the right mattress you can contact us here and we will be there to help you out. Flo mattresses can be customized in size easily to meet your choice requirements.

Ensure nights of great sleep and unmatched comfort. Choose Flo for the ultimate sleep experience!

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