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How to Stay Cool and Sleep Better During Summer

As the summer starts playing its best innings, many of us find ourselves tossing and turning, struggling to find that sweet comfort spot in bed. We’ve all been there changing our sides and increasing the speed of the fan at maximum, only to wake up feeling more like steamed potatoes than a refreshed human, ready to kick start their day.

Quality sleep isn’t just a luxury - it’s a necessity for our health and well-being. Restful sleep recharges our bodies, activates our mind and helps us carry on with our daily tasks efficiently. There are a lot of factors that can help you stay cool and sleep better during summer. So, let’s dive into how you can transform your summer sleep experience from a daily struggle to a comfort zone.

Understanding the Impact of Heat on Sleep

Our body temperature has a significant role in regulating the quality of sleep we get. While we sleep, the temperature of our body drops naturally and signals the brain to relax. However, this cooling process is disrupted because of the high ambient temperature thus, making it difficult to fall asleep. High temperatures can lead to excess sweat in the night which makes you uncomfortable.

It can also result in frequent disruptions in your sleep, and you might find yourself taking off the sheets, throwing your pillow away, or even sleeping in an uncomfortable position to feel the air. However, the real issue lies with how heat affects your sleep cycles. When we can’t cool down, our bodies have a hard time getting into the deeper sleep stages that are essential for both physical and emotional healing. This leads to interrupted sleep, where no matter how long you spend in bed, you wake up feeling groggy and exhausted.

How you can Stay Cool During Summer Nights

Staying cool during summers can be a daunting task but with the help of some practical tips, you can make your nights comfortable. First, keep the ambient temperature of your bedroom cool by using fans or air conditioning. If you are a natural air breathing person who loves to have natural ventilation, keep the windows open at night for the cool breeze. Use lightweight or thin sheets to cover your body while you sleep and dump those heavy blankets in the closet. Wear skin friendly fabric like cotton or linen to allow the air to circulate and push the heat. Keep yourself hydrated to regulate your body temperature, also, keep a water bottle with you at night to avoid feeling thirsty throughout the night.

Take cool showers before going to bed and apply cooling body lotion. Finally, replace your regular one with mattress that helps to keep your body temperature cooler 

Benefits of Using a Cooling Mattress

A cooling mattress can be the best bet for comfortable sleep during the summers. But what actually does a cooling mattress do? A cooling mattress uses different materials that absorb the heat away from your body and helps regulate your body temperature. Unlike traditional mattresses, which trap body heat, cooling mattresses push that away and maintain a comfortable and cooler sleeping experience. 

Why Choose Flo Mattresses for Summer Sleep?

The Indian mattress industry has seen a transformation because of the innovative technologies coming in every day. Flo’s 3D Air-Flo™ technology is one such innovation, which provides a special remedy for people who struggle with overheating during the night. This cutting-edge technology is intended to improve ventilation and air flow within the mattress by pulling the heat away from the body and pushing it out through the sides of the mattress. It thereby dissipates extra heat and helps you sleep up to 5° cooler.

Flo’s mattresses are not just about exceptional cooling capabilities, but also about their meticulous construction that includes high-resilience foam and specific cooling gel infusions. These materials ensure the mattress remains breathable and comfy, enabling temperature regulation while also providing exceptional support and durability. Compared to typical mattresses that tend to retain heat and produce pain, Flo’s 3D Air-Flo™ cooling technology offers a continuously cooler and more enjoyable sleeping experience. 

Additional Tips for a Comfortable Summer Sleep

Even in the summer, maintaining a regular sleep schedule is essential. Because your body functions best with consistency, setting regular bedtimes can help you sleep through the night and maintain a healthy internal clock. Limiting heat-generating activities close to bedtime is another smart way to improve your summertime sleep. This entails avoiding large meals and strenuous exercise right before bed because they can both increase body temperature and interfere with sleep. Choose to have lighter dinners and engage in more moderate activities in the hours before bed.


Having a cool night is crucial for restful sleep throughout the summer and Flo's 3D Air-Flo™ technology provides an innovative way to achieve this. Investing in healthier sleep improves not just your quality of sleep at night but also your general health and productivity during the day.

Have a happy (cool) sleeping experience! 😴

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