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Right Sleeping Position For Shoulder Pain

Right Sleeping Position For Shoulder Pain

A lot of factors may be contributing to your shoulder issues. One is sleeping on your shoulders. This is often overlooked and not considered as an actual path to shoulder pains. 

If you are someone who finds it difficult to sleep on your back, the chances are that you are frequently experiencing shoulder pain. 

Best Sleeping Position For Shoulder Pain Relief

Here are some tips and a few options for sleeping positions for shoulder pain.

  1. Sleep on your back

    This is probably the best-known sleeping position for shoulder pain yet underrated. Only about 8 percent of the population sleeps on their back. Firstly, this position takes away any possible stress from your shoulders, spine, neck, and back by helping your central nervous system to align itself in a straight line or a neutral position.

    Sleeping on your back allows the shoulder to relax as they are not compressed due to pressure in any direction. In case you already are someone who already sleeps on your back and still experience shoulder pain, try keeping a pillow under your armpits to avoid any drooping on your shoulder. This position also prevents the sleeper from rolling over to the sides during the night time.

    Besides, the pillow under your head must also be of appropriate height. It should not tuck your chin downwards or bend your neck up to the ceiling. You should consider the alignment of your neck and spine as any pressure on your neck will possibly result in shoulder pain.
  2. Sleep on the unaffected shoulder

    If sleeping on your back is not an easy task for you, try sleeping on the unaffected shoulder with the help of pillows. Place a pillow next to your stomach as though you are hugging it and place another one under the armpit of your sore shoulder. This will help alleviate the pain and relax your shoulder.

    While you are at it, make sure that the pillow is not too high as it will restrict the blood flow to your elbows.

    Lastly, to finish this position, place another pillow in the middle of your knees as this will help in the neutral alignment of your head, neck, and spinal cord. This pillow will take off any excess pressure from your spine. 

  3. Sleep on the sore shoulder

    We get it, you are used to sleeping in a particular position, and now any new adaption will be equivalent to a sleepless night. But follow these techniques recommended by experts in order to relieve your shoulder pain:

    To position yourself on the affected shoulder, turn to your side, and place a pillow beneath your back and mid-hip area. A few people have broader shoulders than their pelvis, which can result in unnecessary pressure on your shoulders. This position will eliminate this pressure by aligning your body and putting it in a neutral position by allowing your spine to be straight. This pillow will balance your body and provide extra comfort.

    You can also opt for a mattress that adapts to the curvature of your body in order to help you sleep better. Getting an Ortho mattress to help you sleep better and pain-free.

    Another form of this position is to lean back and roll so that most of the pressure is saturated on the shoulder blades rather than on the point of the shoulder. Place a pillow behind your back to hold you in this position. Lastly, place a pillow between your knees, all the way up to your pelvis. 

  4. Use good neck support

    It is highly recommended to use pillows that are appropriate for your comfort. For example, anything too high or too low as your head pillow will strain your neck and consequently result in shoulder pain. You can use an additional rolled-up towel to support your neck while you sleep on your back. This will ensure added comfort. 

  5. Body pillow

    This is probably the best solution for every issue related to shoulder pain or neck sprains. A body pillow is full-length body support made of form which easily adjusts to the curvature of your body. This body pillow prevents you from rolling over to your sore shoulder while you sleep at night. It is an excellent way to get some restful sleep. 

  6. Trial and error

    Do not be afraid of trying new positions to sleep in order to discover the best one for you. Even if you have been sleeping in a particular fashion majority of your life, it is not necessary that the same position will always work for you. Consistently sleeping in one position will lead to compression of muscles and will aid pain in certain areas of your body.

  7. Get a latex mattress

    Latex mattresses are known for their ability to promote natural spine alignment. Latex is a type of foam made from the sap of the rubber tree. Its inbuilt springiness supports the spine and joints extremely well. Osteopaths and chiropractors actively recommend latex mattresses. 

    Various reasons could cause shoulder pain, and a mattress will not cure it but will help alleviate the sore shoulder. If you have been suffering from shoulder pain and have not yet found any solid reason for the same, this could be the right time to invest in a latex mattress and see the difference. It’s a great mattress for shoulder pain. A great mattress online India has. It might even be the best mattress in India for this ailment.

    It is equally important to understand which mattress suits you the best,  hard vs. soft: what mattress style fits your needs?

    Once you’ve understood what works for you, you can easily buy the best mattress online for yourself, be it a latex mattress, memory foam mattress or orthopedic mattress.

Summary of the text

Shoulder pain could be sourced from various reasons, and the improper sleeping position could be one of those.

Sleeping in the correct position could help you tackle these issues:

  1. Sleeping with your painful shoulder elevated
  2. Sleeping on your back
  3. Sleeping on your afflicted shoulder

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