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Firm Mattress or Not – How to Decide

Firm Mattress

The above scenarios are sufficient on their own to make you realize the importance of using a firm mattress. Too soft a mattress and you are looking at sagging and twisting your body into impossible angles. Too firm and you need to fight for comfort, staying alert like a soldier! Thus, only a firm mattress is not enough. Finding one with the right firmness for you is important.

Now, before you jump right in and research the best firm mattress and buy one, it is always better to hear from the experts, whether or not they are good for you. Here is what doctors, wellness experts and sleep specialists have to say about the benefits of using a firm mattress. Some of the reasons that can convince you to go ahead to buy a firm mattress are listed below

  1. Support for your spine – The first and direct benefit of using a firm mattress is the support it provides to your spine. It is a well-known fact that the human spine has a natural curvature and is not straight. This is the optimal position for your body to stay in and relax. When you go ahead and buy a firm mattress, it provides the requisite support to your spine for maintaining it in its natural posture.

    The less work your spine has to do, the more relaxed you can be. Also, maintaining the proper angle for your spine while sleeping ensures that each and every part of your body is relaxed and rejuvenated when you get up. All this, thanks to a simple firm mattress – worth the investment, don’t you agree?

  2. Comfortable sleep – When your body is feeling no pressure and getting the support required, it automatically leads to a comfortable sleeping experience. And the more comfortable your sleep, the more repairing your body can carry out while you are sleeping. Overall, quite a good reason to switch to a firm mattress and feel the difference for yourself.
  3. Less pressure due to weight distribution – When we sleep, there are so many things that are going on. Your body is working hard to repair the wear and tear that has happened throughout the day, growth hormones are released and the insulin is being regulated. But what if your body cannot work on these as it is busy adjusting your weight against your mattress. You can well imagine the consequences!
  4. Restful sleep – Instead, if you sleep on a firm mattress, the mattress ensures that your weight is proportionately distributed and aptly supported. This means, no pressure on your body and no cramps and aches when you get up. Add to that the fact that your body can fully concentrate on its natural activities and you get the most comfortable and beneficial sleeping experience. Convinced to look for the best firm mattress?
  5. Sound health – It is not hard to guess that a good night’s sleep translates directly to sound health. Whether you follow a wellness coach, gym instructor, or a doctor, every single one of them will always emphasize the importance of good, restful, and sound sleep apart from everything else you are doing.

Also, as we saw above, when you choose to opt for a firm mattress instead of a soft and sagging one, the one thing you can assure of is getting a sound sleep. It works perfectly for us, isn’t it? Not just are you relaxed and fresh to face the world on a new day, you are also guaranteed good and long-lasting wellness!

These are reasons, the experts stress on using a firm mattress. However, as we have indicated earlier, too firm a mattress can turn out to be counterproductive. Rather than relaxing your body, it may add on to your problems and give you cramps and body aches. Thus, finding a firm mattress with just the right firmness for your needs is equally important. It helps to ensure that all your body parts like your back, shoulders, buttocks, and your head are aligned properly and as per the natural posture, without taxing any one body part too much.

There are certainly other factors that impact the firmness of the mattress you should look for. These factors include specific personal requirements like your preferred sleeping position, your body weight, etc. Although there is no hard and fast rule or mathematical formula that can help you decide the specifics when buying a firm mattress, there are certain accepted thumb rules that can work perfectly as a guide. Here are some of those.

  • If your body weight is average or less than average, you can opt for softer mattresses. Also, if your preferred sleeping position is on your sides, it is a plush mattress that can serve your purpose much better by maintaining the right angle and supporting the natural arch of your back. Thus, in the quest for firm mattresses, you can choose the ones on the lower end of the spectrum
  • If your body weight is above the average for your height, you should preferably opt for the mattresses with more firmness. This provides much better support for your weight, especially on the joints. Also, if you prefer to sleep on your back or the stomach, it becomes even more important for you to go for a firm mattress. This helps avoid undue pressure on your joints like the shoulder joint and also helps maintain the natural curvature of the spine while sleeping.

With all the information above, if you are enthusiastic about buying a firm mattress, here is some more good news for you. Now, you do not need to run from pillar to post trying to make a purchase, instead, you can simply go ahead and buy a firm mattress online. Thanks to companies like Flo Mattress, the entire process of buying mattresses has become much easier and more available over the internet.

You can sit back in the comforts of your home, browse the entire catalog and find the mattresses meeting your specifications in terms of size, firmness, and other parameters. All you need to do is search a bit and then place the order online, on the website itself!

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