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Which Mattress is Good Foam or Spring?

Investing in a healthy sleep routine is directly linked to the mattress of your choice. It may be a tad overwhelming due to the sea of information available and the various mattress options that one can buy. Oftentimes, it boils to a very binary question or should we say a debate. Which mattress is good, Foam or Spring?

Now, this may be the question that is robbing you of your sweet night's sleep, literally. But the answer is not a binary one. Like many things in life, it depends.

What is a Foam Mattress?

The lore goes back to the mid-1960s Memory Foam, the MVP of the Foam Mattress, which was initially developed by NASA as airplane seats. The Foam Mattress, you know that one mattress that feels like it is almost hugging you as you sleep.

That's right, the thing you sleep on is somehow related to outer space. Aside from this fact being downright cool, the reason for this development was to be used as protection against impact, but it turned out to be very comfortable and since has been branched off to various other applications like mattresses.

Flo’s foam mattress has a plush, premium cover composed of a blend of cashmere and 3D Air-Flo™ technology that helps you sleep up to 5° cooler.

With that brief introduction to the Foam Mattress out the way, the following are the benefits of the Foam mattress:

1) Durable

The Foam Mattress is here for a good time and a long time. This does not mean that spring mattresses do not last very long, however, if you are looking for something for the long haul the foam mattress is your best bet. To further elaborate on the durability, foam mattresses often come with a longer warranty period, like our very own Ergo™ which not only has a 100 night sleep trial but also a 10-year warranty.

2) More Motion, No Problem

This one is for restless sleepers. If you happen to have a sleeping partner who is experiencing an action movie while they sleep, a foam mattress is your best friend ensuring you are not the collateral damage. A foam mattress (memory foam mattress is best for this) ensures all the motion is seamlessly absorbed and thus ensures no disturbance to your partner’s sleep. Our Flo mattress is designed with MotionIsolation™ which ensures zero partner disturbance so you can toss and turn according to your pleasure and your partner won’t be disturbed at all!

3) Posture

Has anyone told you that you are too beautiful to have such bad posture? No one really does that! Well, all jokes aside, a bad posture could be seriously hurting you in one too many ways. The amount of stress on your spine and joint coupled with the serious hit as it proportionally affects your confidence! Again you deserve better, dear friend. Here is where foam mattress plays an important role. To be specific memory foam. The Memory foam found in our Ergo™ mattress ensures that it not only responds accurately to your body weight but also molds itself around your body, ensuring you feel cradled and all warm and fuzzy.

It's Spring Time

The spring mattress can be simply defined as a mattress containing springs. These springs are also called coils. The Spring bed mattress can be rightfully called the predecessor to the foam mattress. It is the classic old-school bouncy mattress that everyone sees in commercials. It is often the go-to image of what people think a mattress is. The origin of the spring mattress goes way back to a certain degree to the 15th century. The 15th century saw the use of spring coils for various functions. The 19th century can be concluded as the origin of the spring mattress as these coils were used in carriages and making furniture.

The following are the benefits of the old-school spring mattress:

1) Familiarity

What is old is gold. We may not agree with this statement but it does convey a very strong message. People trust the feeling of familiarity, and the spring mattress is all about feeling familiar. Due to the spring mattress being around for more time, it has a very strong recall value. The first cliché mattress idea that comes into anyone's head is about the spring bed mattress. People tend to stick to things they are familiar with. As a result, people opt for the spring mattress.

2) Price and Availability

The spring mattress is available easily. You can find a spring mattress in your locality without breaking a sweat. Due to this sheer convenience, people do not tend to bat an eye when they are purchasing a mattress. This can also be linked to a lack of awareness of the different alternatives that are present or that the market has to offer.

3) The Bounce

Oh, we had to mention this one. Because of its build, the spring mattress ‘Offers the bounciest of bounces’. Which at times is a deciding factor for some people, and we are not judging. This however may not be ideal for your joints in the long term but overlooking that hurdle you are good to go. Even though our Flo mattress is large and bouncy, there are no chances of it bending or sagging down because they are designed with ShapeShield™.


Well, we hope that sort of answers the burning question. In all fairness, it does come down to factors like personal preferences, financial conditions, physical conditions, etc. The end goal is to pick a mattress that ensures an optimal night's sleep. The decision to make a purchase should be an educated one and should be done keeping in mind your quality of sleep. Now, we just need one answer, when are you buying a foam mattress from Flo mattress?

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