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Why You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping on the Floor?

Sleeping on the Floor – Really Worth the Hype?

Only someone struggling with getting a good night’s sleep can understand the pain of never being able to get proper rest. If you are one of those, you surely know the number of things you have tried out to find that elusive rest. Keeping the windows open to keep the room aired, soaking your feet in warm water, wearing socks, avoiding heavy food at least 3-4 hours before sleeping, drinking warm milk before bed – name it and you have done it – and still could not get the rest you so desperately want.

And then comes the biggest claim of them all – sleep on the floor they say. Don’t place anything, no mattress, simply sleep on the ground. Go back to the natural way humans have evolved, by sleeping on the ground! As tempted as you may be to follow that advice, just think about it once. Yes, our ancestors used to sleep on hard rocks or cave grounds. But that’s the difference – we have evolved! Do you think that situation would be true even today?

The reality behind the Hype

Why should you not sleep on the floor? When you are struggling with getting proper rest, your fatigued body will be ready to do anything. But this is a time for you to think practically. Whether the drastic step you are about to take, like sleeping on the bare floor, is going to help or worsen the condition. Here is some food for thought –

  • Sleeping Positions – As any health and wellness expert would tell you, your sleeping position matters a lot and also defines the kind of surface you are sleeping on. This combined with your weight determines what kind of surface you need – plush or firm and if firm, then how much.

  • For those who are slightly above the average weight or like to sleep on their back or stomach, a firm surface is recommended. This helps to maintain your body’s natural arch of the spine and does not put extra weight on the joints or the back. However, an excessively firm surface will cause more damage than help.

    On the other hand, for those who are of average or less than average weight, or those who prefer to sleep on their sides, a plush mattress is recommended, to support your shoulders and maintain the natural posture. 

    The effects of sleeping on the floor will ruin your sleep and cause you more trouble. For example, you may get cramps or backaches, if you had none earlier.

  • Temperature – The next highly publicized fact is that a cooler body temperature allows your body to relax much more. This is a fact, undoubtedly. However, that doesn’t mean there is no limit to the amount of cold your body should be subjected to. Can you imagine sleeping on a slab of ice to get better rest?

    No, right! That’s exactly the point. Yes, the floor may be cooler than your bed but can you really judge for that matter, control the temperature of the floor? What if it is cooler than necessary? You surely would catch a cold, whether or not you get the restful sleep you are looking for! Not a very attractive proposition right?

  • Hygiene – A very important factor that is often neglected amidst all the hype. As much as we want to compare ourselves to our ancestors, the fact that cannot be denied is that we are living in a much more polluted world. Whether your floor is made of tiles or stone or even wood, you simply cannot escape the pollution and harmful substances on it. Sleeping directly on the floor may not result in a great sleeping experience, but it can quickly become an invitation to all kinds of diseases thanks to the extent of pollution we have these days.

  • If that is not enough trouble, imagine the plight of people who are suffering from respiratory problems like asthma. No amount of cleaning can rid the floor completely of dust, pollen, and other particles completely. So whether or not your back gets the rest it wants on the floor, asthma can surely flare-up. Not exactly the kind of (un)rest you are looking for!

  • Back Troubles – All the above factors are troubling enough for those troubled with sleeplessness. However, the problems can increase manifold for those of you, who are already struggling with back troubles. When sleeping with such existing problems, you need to be extra careful about your posture, the pressure your body is facing, and the bodyweight support. All this is completely missing on the cold, hard floor.
  • Sleeping on the Floor Disadvantages

    Sleeping on the floor can have several potential disadvantages:

    • Discomfort
    • Temperature
    • Hygiene
    • Increased risk of injury
    • Impact on mood

    Overall, while some people may find sleeping on the floor to be comfortable, it's generally not recommended as a long-term solution due to the potential health risks and discomfort it can cause.

    What then is the best solution?

    There goes your last hope of getting good sleep. You had pinned so much hope on this remedy that showed so much promise, and now it doesn’t really look that attractive. You don’t need to lose heart over this. Yes, sleeping with back trouble can be a nightmare, but it need not always be the case.

    What you need, instead of sleeping on the floor is a good mattress or a sleeping surface that aids your back as you sleep. By this, we mean, a surface that is adaptable and can mould itself to the shape of your body as you sleep. This helps with getting just the right amount of support for your body parts. 

    For example, a heavier part like the shoulder would need more support, and a lighter part not so much. And the good news is, getting this kind of support is no more a distant dream. With the vast amount of research being done and newer options being developed in mattresses, you can have just what you desire.

    The new-age Memory Foams from companies like Flo Mattress helps you get that completely relaxing sleep that you have been looking for so long. You can visit the website and simply order the mattress as per your need to be delivered to your doorstep. With that, we wish you a good night!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q. What are the side effects of sleeping on the floor?

    A. Sleeping on the floor can have several potential side effects on the body, including:

    • Back and neck pain
    • Poor circulation
    • Joint pain
    • Disrupted sleep
    • Allergies and respiratory issues
    • Increased risk of injury
    • Psychological effects

    Overall, while some people may find sleeping on the floor to be comfortable, it's generally not recommended as a long-term solution due to the potential health risks and discomfort it can cause. If you experience persistent pain or discomfort from sleeping on the floor, it's important to speak with a healthcare professional.

    Q. Is it bad to sleep on the floor every night? 

    A. Sleeping on the floor every night can harm the body and is generally not suggested as a long-term solution for most people. While sleeping on the floor may be pleasant for some people, it is vital to recognise the potential health hazards and pain it can bring. 

    If you are experiencing prolonged pain or discomfort as a result of sleeping on the floor, consult with a healthcare practitioner to decide the best course of action for your specific requirements.

    Q. What are the side effects of sleeping on the floor?

    A. Sleeping on the floor can cause a variety of health problems, including

    • Back and neck pain 
    • Poor circulation 
    • Joint pain 
    • Disrupted sleep 
    • Allergies and respiratory disorders 
    • Increased chance of injury 
    • Psychological consequences

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