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Go with the Flo

We designed our mattress keeping in mind features people in India care about the most.

Unparalleled spine support

Our proprietary Flo Responsive foam forms the base of our mattress, and is designed to respond accurately to pressure. The more pressure your body exerts on the mattress, the more it reacts to support you.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Keeps you cool

Our foams are infused with white gel micro-capsules that absorb heat from your body and then release it away from your body via our 3D air flow technology. So while you’re fast asleep, our mattress is hard at work.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Antimicrobial Aloe Vera Cover

Our zippered, high quality cashmere fabric cover has been specially treated with aloe vera gel that is naturally anti-microbial and will also keep your skin looking hydrated and youthful. In fact, it is so soft, that you might feel tempted to not use a bed sheet!

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover


This medium-soft variant can be bought in either 6” or 8” thickness and is perfect for folks who spend a lot of time at their desks, couples in search for good sleep or for parents who want to ensure a comfortable night for their children.

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ergo
Starting From Rs. 8,265

Medium Soft


This medium-firm variant can be bought in either 6” or 8” thickness and is perfect for older folks who require better back support or just for people with back problems in general.

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ortho
Starting From Rs. 8,265

Medium Firm

Features Of Flo Mattress

Temperature sensitive memory foam

Improves blood circulation through the night and reduces tossing and turning by up to 80%.

3D air flow fabric

The spacer fabric along the periphery promotes circulation to ensure the mattress stays fresh and ventilated.

Zero partner disturbance

Sleep with someone that tosses and turns a lot in their sleep? No more waking up when they do.

Zippered removable cover

Allows you to spot clean stains without the risk of getting the foam underneath wet.

What Our Customers Have To Say?

Real, happy sleepers with real 5-star reviews.

Health Benefits

Our mattresses come with incredible health benefits - another reason why you should choose us if you are planning to buy a mattress online in Mumbai.

Keeps you cool

As our mattresses are made with white gel micro-capsules that absorb the heat radiating off your body and direct the same towards the 3D spacer fabric which helps disperse off the same.

Sound sleep for health

You’re finally going to get the perfect 8 hours of sleep that you deserve without any external factors pushing you towards the same. Once you fall in bed, it’s going to be very difficult for anyone to wake you up!

Fall asleep faster

With our mattresses, as soon as your face hits the bed, you’re going to want to perfectly snuggle in and enter deep sleep mode.

Unparalleled spine support

As our proprietary Flo Responsive foam forms the base of the mattresses, they’ve been designed to react to any pressure exerted on them by reciprocating the same onto the body. This helps provide great spinal support.

With Flo, We Promise

100-night sleep trial

Try us out for 100 nights. If you’re not feeling it, we guarantee you will get your money back – a full refund.

Mattress in a box

Vacuum packed and sealed in a box. Just tear the plastic and roll onto your bed, and watch the magic unfold.

10-year warranty

We’re confident in our quality, so you can sleep easy knowing we cover manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Hassle-free delivery

Free delivery across India within 14 – 21 days – guaranteed.


When Should I Buy A New Mattress?

The average lifespan of a standard mattress is approximately ten years depending upon its type, quality and usage. Since people in their adulthood stop growing in height after a certain age, they might not outgrow their mattress. In that case, people are usually used to sleeping on the same mattress for years. However, as the age of the mattress is not something they care about too much, over time, it may have certain effects on the sleep quality and general health and well-being.

With the kind of inflation everyone is experiencing, the mattress prices in Mumbai have gone high in this day and age. So buying a new mattress has suddenly become a significant decision. That's why people prefer to go along with their old mattresses and deal with the sleeping issues separately. But there are certain signs you might start to notice as the mattress deteriorates:

Poor Sleep Quality: Do you wake up at night a lot? Do you have trouble sleeping for a while after getting in bed? Do you have recurring insomnia even in perfect health and fitness? First, you should visit a doctor and ensure that it is not due to a medical condition. If you have eliminated the health condition factor, the mattress might be the offender in your sleeping issues.

The most likely reason for a lack or loss of sleep is the constant shifting of sides and frequently changing sleeping position in order to find the perfect amount of comfort and support to have a peaceful sleep. At Flo Mattress, you can buy the best mattress in Mumbai online that provides you with excellent support and comfort.

Body Odours After Sleep: Certain new mattresses have chemical supplements in them, which can have off-gassing. The moisture and your body odour mixed with this off-gassing can cause the mattress to smell very bad. These smells can often turn out to be highly unhealthy and even toxic (in worst cases). If it ever happens in a newer mattress with better ventilation, you might be able to make that smell go away by drying it out in the sun. 

But old mattresses are not able to vent these smells out, which can create various health issues. You need to have the best immunity in these pandemic times. The solution to this problem is buying a good quality mattress from Flo Mattress, one of the best mattress manufacturers in Mumbai.

Lumps And Bumps In Bed: Often, in poor quality mattresses, the layers start to disrupt and divide over time, leading to lumps in the bed. A spring mattress can cause lumps and bumps as well. With age, the innersprings in these mattresses start protruding from the mattress, causing discomfort to whoever sleeps on them. These lumps and bumps on the mattress cause body pain in the neck, shoulders, back and pelvic area.

Before this pain becomes a reason for a permanent body ailment, it's best to buy a mattress online in Mumbai. Our mattresses have a quality structure that is less prone to having lumps and bumps for a long time and provide you with excellent comfort and support for years to come.

Sense of Tiredness After Sleep: A good night's sleep is crucial for your body, as it helps with recovery and healing. It refines your body functions by revitalizing your mind. If the mattress is weary and strained or incompatible with your sleep cycle, then you may not have a deep comfortable sleep. Your body needs to restore the energy through sleep, which may not be possible with constant tossing or turning due to an uncomfortable mattress, in such cases, you may consider buying a new mattress online. 

We are one of the biggest online mattress shops in Mumbai. We will help you choose the best mattress for your comfort and deliver it to your doorstep. The excellent quality mattress provided by us would give you a peaceful and calm sleep with no midnight wake-ups. So you will have all the energy you require the next day to get on with your routine.

Saggy Mattress: A saggy mattress is not a good thing. When the comfort layers and support layers of a mattress do not compress evenly throughout, it affects the overall structure. A saggy mattress is something you should pay more heed to. You can notice this problem when you try to get out of bed, and it takes a lot more effort to do it. There are other signs of sagging and bumps over the mattress, asymmetry, mattress feeling softer or harder than usual, or flabbiness around the corners. 

The thickness of a regular mattress should usually be around 12 inches. Low-density mattresses are usually more prone to sagging than the ones with more layers. It is okay if the mattress sags about 2 inches in the first five to six years, but any more sagging or sinking and you have got a problematic mattress. The excessive sagging may be due to the person being overweight or the mattress not being compatible with the user. You should be looking to replace your mattress with a newer one or upgrade to a higher quality mattress.

Body Imprints: One of the most noticeable signs of an old, overused and worn-out mattress is a body impression after you get out of it. The old mattress not having an ample amount of support structures causes it to sag to sink in, creating a body impression when a person leaves it. Another one of the reasons it could happen is the mattress not supporting your body weight or being low-quality. 

The mattress creating body imprints renders it necessary to replace or upgrade to a higher quality mattress as the old one, with its sagginess, would not provide the necessary support to the crucial body pressure points. Due to this, you might develop body aches, have a loss of sleep or wake up feeling exhausted. Your body would not get the rest it requires to recover and rejuvenize the mind and functions. Flo Mattress keeps a fantastic range with the best mattress prices in Mumbai.

Skin Allergies: Old, worn-out mattresses with inadequate support structures and saggy qualities can cause various skin allergies and problems which you might not even be able to notice until they develop into something more severe. If you have recently had skin rashes due to allergies around your head, arms, knees, feet and elbows, it is most likely due to the mattress. 

Certain mattresses have off-gassing. When the mattresses are new, this off-gassing can be prevented because of the ample ventilation and a little drying. But old mattresses do not have ample ventilation, and that's why the off-gassing mixed with body odour and moisture can become unhealthy and often toxic (in worst cases).

The sweat from our body on the top layer of the mattress can also give rise to pests, especially bed bugs and various allergens. These toxins can cause various skin infections and allergies, such as moles, itches, hives, furuncles, etc. These infections and allergies can become recurrent if the mattress is not replaced, you can buy the mattress in Mumbai online from Flo Mattress. You can also buy a mattress protector from our website, which prevents any bacterias and bed bugs from reaching your mattress.

Respiratory Allergies: If you wake up with a stuffy or runny nose and constant sneezing, it might indicate an old and overused mattress. Along with skin allergies, an old mattress can also induce respiratory allergies due to dust and allergens trapped inside due to poor maintenance. A mattress should have ample ventilation to let the allergens along with off-gassing and moisture out of it. You should first ensure that the runny nose and sneezing is not due to certain other medical conditions.

After eliminating the health and lifestyle issue, the mattress remains the only culprit. To prevent these allergies and infections, you should consider buying a new mattress. There are hypoallergenic mattresses, and bed covers available in the market if you are prone to respiratory issues.

Mattress’s Age: Everything around us has a certain lifespan. The lifespan of a mattress is usually around ten years on average, depending upon the type of mattress, the quality and usage. A mattress after a certain amount of time doesn't feel the same. It might get saggy, and you might start noticing body impressions after you get out of it. It might induce skin and respiratory allergies in your body due to dust, sweat, the off-gassing from the mattress, moisture and other bacterias. The worst thing about an old, overused and worn-out mattress is that you might not notice any signs of it deteriorating before it starts affecting your body. So the best thing for you would be to replace the old mattress or upgrade to one with higher quality. 

If you have started to notice any of these signs of an old mattress as mentioned above and are looking to buy a new mattress, visit our mattress collections page and find the best one for you. We are one of the best and biggest mattress manufacturers in Mumbai. We provide you with an opportunity to select a customized mattress according to your dimensions and requirements.