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Mattress In Pune

Let it come and move with the flow.

The mattress is designed in such a way that it attracts customers of India by offering them desirable features.

Unparalleled back care and support

The branded Flo foam of the mattress provides you with the best support for your spine and gives you a strong mattress as strong as you need. The foam is designed in a way that supports any sort of pressure your body exerts on it.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

The branded Flo foam of the mattress provides you with the best support for your spine and gives you a strong mattress as strong as you need. The foam is designed in a way that supports any sort of pressure your body exerts on it.

The foam we offer you is made from pure spring and coils, which support your back and give you a peaceful sleeping experience. The foam is created with 3D airflow technology, which maintains your body temperature with the temperature of the foam thereby keeping you cool.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

Cover of the mattress

The cover of the mattress is made with high-quality antibacterial properties and high standard fabric, which comprised of naturally procured aloe vera gel. It helps keep your skin hydrated, soft, and young.

Aloe Vera Gel Infused Zipper Cover

We all work around tight schedules and busy routines. No matter how tiring our days are we all deserve a peaceful night’s sleep, which is impossible without the support of a comfortable and relaxing mattress and bed.

Five-Star Quality Rated
Starting From

Medium Soft

The Ortho bed is the best for the people who intend to have strong back support while sleeping. And it might be not suitable for those who want to a soft and cushiony bed.

Five-Star Quality Rated
Starting From

Medium Firm

Flo Mattress Specialties

Temperature Sensitive Memory Foam

The foam is made of temperature sensitive material, which increases the circulation of blood when you are sleeping. 

3D airflow fabric

The 3D air flow fabric used in the foam gives you feelings of freshness and a well-ventilated sleeping experience as well.

Zero Partner disturbance

It also enables you to toss and turn, or jump without any rippling disturbance.

Zipper removable cover

A special type of zipper is set with the mattress, which saves your foam from any sort of stain or risk of wetness. 

What Our Customers Have To Say?

Real, happy sleepers with real 5-star reviews.

Health Benefits

Using mattresses of Flo Mattress gives you enormous health benefits, thus making us a big brand for the mattress in Pune.

Keeps You Cool

Our mattress helps keep you cool and provides sufficient support too. Our mattress is sure to give you calm sleep at night without any risk of overheating.

Great for Your Skin

The aloe vera gel, which is used in the production of the foam, gives you numerous health and skin benefits. The overall mattress is made up of cashmere fabric, which makes your skin look young and fresh.

Sound Sleep for Health

Some mattresses are so noisy and disturb you while sleeping. However, our mattress provides you with the ability of eight hours of sleep to you almost every single night.

Fall Asleep Faster

Avoid overheating at night with the help of our breathable mattresses and our white gel-infused micro-capsule technology. This will not just allow you to fall asleep faster but will eventually allow you to develop better sleep patterns. This means a happy new you all day long.

Unparalleled Spine Support

The spine is a vital body part and it is your responsibility to ensure that you take proper care of your spine. And one way to do that is by getting a mattress from Flo Mattress. Our mattresses have been designed to respond accurately to the body pressure applied by the user.

With both variants, we promise

100-Night Sleep Trial

We promise you that we offer a 100 % refund if you are not satisfied with our product.

Mattress in a Box

The mattress is provided to you in a seal-packed box to avoid any kind of stain.

10-year Warranty

We also provide you an authentic warranty of 10 years for defects in the cover or foam.

Hassle-Free Delivery

Furthermore we offer fast delivery of your order so you receive your mattress in 14-21 days.

Their Words, Our Pride

Happy Words of our Happy Customers

Priya Anand


The Flomattress mattress price in Pune is very affordable for anyone to purchase. It is reasonable, and even their quality is outstanding and comfortable. So you can give it a try.
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Aryan Sharma


I was looking online for some mattress shops in Pune with good reviews. Suddenly I came across Flo mattress, and I thought of ordering a mattress online from Flo mattress. When the mattress was delivered, I was stunned to see its fantastic quality. Satisfied with the service.
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Raj Mishra


One of the best mattress shops in Pune for an affordable and good quality mattress is Flo Mattress. You must visit their online store if you want to buy a comfortable & customised mattress.
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I could not explore the marketplaces due to the Covid restrictions, so I searched online best mattress in Pune, and I ordered products from Flomattress online. Flo's delivered products are of excellent quality and fantastic material.
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Flo mattress stores in Pune are the best. They deliver the mattress on time with excellent packing, which helps the mattress from not getting damaged during transportation.
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Rishabh Aggarwal


Flo Mattress is the best mattress dealer in Pune. They deliver an excellent quality product, with their admirable service, they never disappoint you.
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After hearing so many positive reviews about Flomattress, we went to buy a mattress. There we found double bed mattress prices in Pune very affordable and within our budget. Thank you, Flomattress.
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Recently bought a mattress from Flo mattress. It is super comfortable and just according to my specifications given. So if you want to buy a mattress in Pune, then go for Flo Mattress.
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After using the mattress ordered from Flo mattress for six months, I have to say that their quality is impressive. Flo mattress is the best online store to buy mattresses online in Pune. Highly recommended.
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Flomattress is the best online marketplace for a foam mattress in Pune because the products they deliver are of excellent quality, and the prices are within budget.
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If you want to buy a mattress in Pune, then Flo Mattress is a perfect option. Thanks for putting me in an excellent comfy mattress.
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Flow buy mattress online Pune providing various standard quality products. In this festive season, you can purchase such outstanding products, get relief from back pain, and have a pleasant sleep every day.
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We wanted the best foam mattress in Pune, and I checked the Flo mattress website. They had a wide variety with an affordable price and comfort.
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When Should I Buy A New Mattress?

Although, depending on the model, manufacturer, and use, each mattress has an average lifespan of about ten years. Of course, you can sleep on a mattress (and many people do because beds are expensive), but it can have severe consequences for your sleep quality and general health. So if you're having trouble sleeping or waking up with back discomfort, it's time to get a new mattress.

If you want to purchase a new mattress, then make sure you check out Flo Mattress, as we are one of the best mattress dealers in Pune.

Here are some signs that you need a new mattress!

Your Mattress Is Sagging, Asymmetrical Or Lumpy

It's time to replace your mattress if there are evident indications of wear and tear. It includes all of the following indicators:

  • Sagging at the centre or the corners
  • Body impressions · (e.g., you know exactly where your left knee is every night)
  • Large or little lumps
  • Asymmetry (one side is lower, higher, softer, harder, smoother, or lumpier than the other)

If you are fed up with finding mattress stores in Pune, then visit our mattress collections page. We have a wide variety of mattresses that are just right for you!

  • Your Mattress Is Noisy : Does your mattress groan or pop? Even if you toss and turn, it shouldn't. Spring mattresses and coils become loud as the fountains lose spring and the internal functioning of the mattress becomes wacky. If you have a wood or metal bed frame, get rid of it before buying a new mattress.
  • Your Mattress Has Worn Or Frayed Edges : Worn or frayed edges aren't necessarily a bad thing; they don't necessarily affect the part of the bed where you sleep. However, mattresses are built to last, and worn edges are a strong indication that your bed is well over its 10-year lifespan. So, even if you don't notice any drooping or asymmetry, examine the edges to see whether it's time for a new mattress.
  • It Takes You Forever To Fall Asleep : The time to fall asleep after lying down on your bed should be around 10 to20 minutes. If you're waking up in the middle of the night, it might be time to get a new mattress. Naturally, you should rule out illnesses like insomnia and anxiety first, as well as ensuring that you aren't just fighting your internal clock. If you're healthy and sleep regularly but still can't get a good night's sleep, it's time to consider getting a new mattress. With Flo Mattress, you can buy a mattress online in Pune from the comfort of your home.
  • You Wake Up With Pain Or Soreness : Unless you can attribute muscular discomfort to exercise or soreness to an injury, your bed is most likely causing you to wake up aching. Look for these indicators that your bed is to blame; stiff neck, a painful lower back, and a "pinching" discomfort in your joints, especially in your neck and shoulders. Also, consider whether the discomfort becomes better as the day progresses. It may be time for a new mattress if you get up with pain or soreness that goes away by afternoon or evening. To minimise neck and shoulder discomfort, make sure you're using the right cushion. You should consider visiting our website if you're seeking a pleasant foam mattress in Pune that is long-lasting.
  • You Often Wake Up Throughout The Night : Do you find yourself waking up every couple of hours, if not more, during the night? Consistent awakenings can significantly disrupt a good night's sleep, but purchasing a new mattress might be the solution. But, again, Before blaming your mattress, rule out any medical issues that are causing your insomnia. Ensure you don't have sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, indigestion, or any ailment that can keep you awake at night. If your mattress is to blame, it is time you look for a new mattress.
  • You Can Obtain A Better Night's Sleep Somewhere : Do you find that you get more sleep at hotels and guest rooms? If you answered yes, you should probably change your mattress (but first, make sure this one issue isn't preventing you from sleeping). Because you spend the great majority of your sleeping hours at home on your mattress, you should receive the highest quality sleep possible.

If you are planning to change your mattress with a new one, then check out Flo Mattress. We not only have the best mattress in Pune, but we also have a vast collection of mattresses of different sizes and dimensions.

How Does A Mattress Affect My Health?

A good mattress can do a lot more than just offer a good night's sleep. But if a mattress is worn out, it can affect your health. Here is how it can adversely affect your health!

  • Comfort Level : Your comfort level (i.e. how you feel about support and plushness) is critical for your body to feel secure. Your body would not feel at ease in an unsuitable mattress, regardless of its surface softness or hardness. We need to feel secure both physically and mentally to fall asleep, which is not the case with an unsuitable mattress. A wrong mattress makes it difficult to relax and feel at peace by putting excessive strain on your body.

Or, in certain circumstances, excessive plushness and softness would cause your body to sink or heat up. These variables together prevent you from sleeping in your favoured position, making sleeping an unpleasant experience. Consequently, you don't have appropriate sleep hygiene, which leads to poor sleep quality and tossing and turning during the night. This is why maintaining a comfortable sleeping environment is critical to achieving deep sleep and healthy REM periods. If you are planning to buy a mattress in Pune or anywhere in India, make sure you check out Flo Mattress for high-quality mattresses.

  • Sleep Posture: Staying overnight at family or friends' or staying in particular hotels may have left you unable to sleep in your favourite position. It is because an unsuitable and low-quality mattress would not take into account the manner you need to sleep. Your body would not feel at rest if there was a lack of support and pleasure in different areas or universally. An unsuitable mattress, regardless of the position you pick, will not make it any simpler. The pain makes it difficult to get a good night's sleep and might cause backaches (inadequate support and spinal alignment for your BMI).
  • Support: One of the most crucial and significant factors that impact health is the support your mattress provides. It is because support is required not only to sustain but also to rectify your body posture. When we sleep on our side, for example, our spine requires more support, while our shoulders bear the brunt of the mattress pressure. As a result, while a too-soft mattress may make your shoulders feel more comfortable, your spine will not relax in a neutral horizontal posture. People suffering from bodily pains and backaches are in the same boat.

To relieve pain and make it possible to receive relief from pain, appropriate support must be provided. You require greater spinal support and adequate comfort for your shoulders, lower back, and pelvic area when resting on your back or side. The more effective a mattress is at giving appropriate support, the more efficient it is in comforting and supporting weak and vulnerable body regions. Are you looking for a mattress? You don't have to look for any mattress shops in Pune, since all our mattresses are sold online, you just need to visit our mattress collections page.

  • Quality of Sleep: The term "sleep quality" relates to how well your body sleeps and how deep it sleeps. Our body and mind heal, relax and engage the subconscious mind to control our bodily systems during deep sleep. Inadequate sleep, or an unsuitable mattress or low quality, might make your sleep uncomfortable and prevent you from entering deep REM sleep. As a result, you may have various sleep problems that affect both your waking and sleeping lives.

People who have a light sleep are more likely to have sleepwalking, night terrors, and other sleep disorders. The quality of your sleep also influences the way your internal systems operate and recuperate. The sleep stage is known as restorative sleep, and it is more important than anything else for your health. 

Have we mentioned that you don't even have to visit any mattress shops in Pune because Flo Mattress offers many mattresses online at affordable prices? It is an opportunity you shouldn't miss. 

  • Restorative Sleep: Restorative sleep and deep sleep are complementary, and you begin the restorative stage after or shortly after entering deep sleep. Deep sleep permits your body to reach a phase where cell development and recuperation are at the peak when your subconscious mind is most active. Our bodies employ restorative sleep as a method to heal from the wear and tear of the previous day, allowing us to develop new cells and wake up feeling better and stronger the next day.

Your deep sleep should last long enough to provide your body with ample restorative sleep. Mattresses primarily enhance our general health and sleep by improving the amount of deep and restorative sleep we obtain. That is the amount of sleep or the quality of sleep that allows us to feel refreshed the next day. Unfortunately, too many individuals look forward to sleeping rather than getting up, and they take sleeping for granted. Fixing elements of your health by improving your sleeping environment, on the other hand, makes you feel better, healthier and provides your body with a boost in immunity. Conversely, an unsuitable or low-quality mattress and sleep environment have the opposite effect, resulting in sleep disorders that impair these functions.

You should visit our mattress collections page if you seek a pleasant foam mattress since we provide comfortable, lasting foam mattresses that help to improve your sleep day by day, every day. Moreover, if you think that double bed mattress prices in Pune are high and the quality is not up to the mark, then no need to worry. At Flo Mattress, we provide top-notch quality mattresses at a very affordable cost.

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