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Precautionary Steps for COVID-19 by Flo Mattress

We wanted to outline all the measures and precautions we are taking during this time of our mutual crisis. The safety of our staff is the most important to us, which is why we have reduced the need for them to come to office without it comprising the service you receive.

If you order a Flo Mattress, will the package be safe to touch? 

The World Health Organisation has answered that question here. They’re saying that it is safe to handle a package, even if it comes from a place where the virus has been reported. On top of this, all our mattresses are vacuum sealed which ensures it maintains the greatest hygiene standards once you open it in your house.

Let's stand together in these unprecedented times, and come out stronger than ever. Our call centres are closed right now but we are continuing to respond actively on emails, so please write to us on support@flomattress.com and we will come back to you within 24 hours. 

We wish you and your family the greatest of health, and we look forward to serving you soon.