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How to Avoid Nightmares

Sleep in one of those things in life which seem rather insignificant but is definitely something that we all tend to cherish. We all care about the fact that we have a night of good sleep. It might not seem to us that sleep plays an important part in our daily life until and unless we start facing issues with our sleep. Nightmares in children and adults are common. However, when these nightmares are too much for us to handle or if they are too frequent then it is a cause for concern. Your nightmares can consist of anything from maybe your teeth falling out, you suddenly getting very old, losing a loved one, to being chased and not being able to scream. Such nightmares can cause a lingering sense of discomfort and a constant dread for someone to even fall asleep.

Thankfully, nightmares can often be avoided by simply following certain sleep and mental health tips. This is because of the fact that nightmares are rather common and usually have an underlying reason. But sometimes, no matter what you might do your nightmares might not just leave. In that case, it is important to seek professional help. 

There are many experts who suggest that wrong sleeping positions, low quality of sleep & low-quality mattress are some of the most influencing factors behind getting nightmares, These all can be solved by getting a quality mattress from us. Order a mattress online to get rid of nightmares.

However, you should also follow some tips to avoid bad dreams. In this article, we will be discussing those tips.

Why Do We Have Nightmares?

Before learning about how to avoid nightmares, it is important for all readers to know the answer to the question of why do we get bad dreams in the first place. A nightmare can be defined as the dream which can bring out rather strong feelings of distress, terror, fear, and anxiety. There are also different common nightmare themes which an individual can experience. And some of those common nightmare themes include being chased, falling, being late, being paralyzed, or the death of a family member or friend. There are various reasons why an individual might have a nightmare. And some of those reasons are mentioned below.

  • Personal Experiences

According to various popular theories, our dreams consist of some aspects of our waking or conscious lives. This means that our personal experiences can have a significant impact on the kind of dreams or nightmares that we have at night. Common examples for this could be when an individual dreams of taking a test, going on a vacation, or dealing with some problems in their lives. Different negative emotions can also enter into the nightmares.

  • Constant Anxiety and Stress

Experiencing stress and anxiety in our daily lives is a common part of life for every individual. However, if an individual is constantly experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety then that can have a strong effect on our dreams. There are also various theories which suggest that this can also lead to an individual suffering from anxiety disorders.

  • The Exposure to Media

Going to watch a horror movie or a show is definitely a thrilling experience. However, sometimes those thrilling experiences can have a strong effect even on the unconscious part of our lives. There are also various studies which point to the fact that watching horror movies or shows cannot just have an effect on the sleeping habits of an individual but can also influence the eating patterns.

  • Suffering from Depression

If an individual is suffering from depression or some other mental health condition like bipolar disorder then that increases the risk of that individual getting a nightmare. Depression is often claimed to be the strongest predictor of an individual suffering from nightmares.

Apart from these, there are other factors that can affect the chances of whether an individual suffers from nightmares or not including the personality of the individual, the environment, and if the individual has suffered from any previous traumatic experiences or not.

How to Avoid Dreams during Sleep?

Now that we understand the answer to the question of why do bad dreams come the next thing that we need to know is how one can avoid those bad dreams. According to experts, there are various methods that one can apply to avoid getting nightmares during sleep. And some of those important methods are mentioned below.

  1. Practicing Good Sleeping Hygiene

When it comes to controlling nightmares then there are no hard and fast rules which one can apply. But the one thing which has been rather effective in avoiding nightmares is to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible before sleeping. This means that it is a good idea for you to make sure to practice proper sleeping hygiene before going to bed. It is also a good idea to keep a glass of water nearby and to further dim or entirely switch off the lights according to the preference of the individual. In such cases, even if an individual experiences a nightmare then he or she would be comfortable enough to fall back asleep after waking up from the nightmare.

  1. Getting the Nightmare Out

Another method that has been effective in dealing with nightmares is to get the nightmare and all the emotions related to it out. This basically means that the individual should talk to somebody about the nightmare or simply write everything down. This can act as a rather cathartic exercise for that individual and will make sure that one has the necessary support in dealing with that nightmare.

  1. Working on Getting Rid of the Stressors

In many cases, there are different real-life events that tend to make it into our nightmares. These real-life events can act as stressors for us even in our dreams. Hence, it is recommended that one should actively work to get rid of those stressors. For example, if an individual is constantly having nightmares about passing a class or subject then he or she should actively start focusing more on that subject. This would make sure that the individual is able to feel more comfortable and confident about his or her abilities in dealing with that class.

  1. Distracting Oneself

Another great method that one can practice to avoid nightmares is to simply distract oneself. According to various studies, it has been found out that people who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder were better able to deal with their condition and avoid getting nightmares when they played video games or actively engaged in activities that took their mind off of the traumatic events. This might seem rather inconsequential but this can actually help the student in the long run.

  1. Getting Professional Help

Sometimes dealing with nightmares or bad dreams can be too much for an individual. And in those cases, no matter what the individual tries it might not just be enough. This is why in those cases it is important for those individuals to seek professional medical help. This would ensure that the individual is able to deal with his or her condition in a positive and progressive manner.


Don't Just Wake Fit, Wake Fresh With Flo Mattress!

How do you want to start your day? Wake fit and fresh or wake up being tired and grumpy. Well, the second one is something very common and happens to all of us. This can happen for a lot of reasons and mostly because 80% of the people start turning and tossing in bed before finally getting up. You probably keep your alarm in snooze and finally wake up when you are late. 

This is not just your story, but maximum people start their day like this and maintain a foot-dragging attitude. However, this is probably not the right way to start a day. It is desired to start a fresh day without keeping the alarm in snooze. This habit can effectively help you wake fit, improve your mood and boost up your energy level in the morning.

So following are some tips that must be followed to wake fit and fresh in the morning-

  • Say no to snooze- Do you really think that it is a good idea to snooze your alarm over and over again? No! It is not. You must get out of your bed as soon as the alarm rings. Waking up late can extremely create an impact in your morning schedule and create major disturbance in the body’s internal clock. So if you want to wake fit and fresh, you must make sure that you leave your bed with the first sound of the alarm and start your day fresh.
  • Don’t look at your phone in the morning- Checking out social media while being on the bed can truly derail your entire day. Keep your phone aside and start your day looking out of your window.  If you truly intend to wake fit, then you also choose activities like exercising or meditation instead of scrolling social media newsfeed.
  • Light up your room if dark- It feels great when the warmth of sunlight kisses your skin while you are trying to wake up. If you want to feel good right after you wake up it is crucial for the sunlight to let in your room. This is because our body needs natural light to kick-start our internal clock. The absence of light creates an imbalance in our natural clock and this is the reason why we feel sleepy on dark rainy days. You can lighten up your room with artificial light that can help you wake fit and fine.
  • Make your bed- Just like it is super important to make your bed at night, it is equally important to make your bed in the morning. After waking up, make sure that you rearrange all your pillows, fold your blanket and straighten your bedsheet. This gives an accomplishment once you wake up in the morning. 
  • Stretch- We habitually stretch our body as we get up and that is actually a good habit. Sleeping usually gets our body stiff and stretching your body in the morning can actually help with improved blood flow. Additionally, stretching can also help you wake fit-n-fine with increased flexibility and endurance.
  • Wash your face with cold water- Washing our face with cold water is a morning ritual this can make you feel fit and fine.  A few splashes of icy water will bring you out of your dreamland and you can feel refreshed in the morning.
  • Drink plenty of water in the morning- Before taking a seep to your tea or coffee, make sure that you drink plenty of water and rehydrate your body. This encourages a better metabolism in the body to keep you stay fit and fine all day.
  • Include protein in your breakfast- Proteins are super important for our body. So having a splendid amount of protein in your breakfast can help to maintain a constant energy level throughout the day.
  • Start using an alarm clock instead of the phone- Your phone might be a major cause of distraction for your sleep. So instead of using a phone to set alarm, you can use a traditional alarm clock to get up in the morning. It would be even more best if you can keep the clock at a faraway distance from your bed so that you to get up from your bed to stop it. 
  • Choose the right mattress- Waking up fresh in the morning is mandatory and to do that choosing the right mattress is also very crucial. There are a wide variety of mattresses available in the market, but the right kind of it is the one that makes you feel comfortable. Coir or spring mattress is no more used, foam mattress is what used as a trend right now. If you think it is time to reconsider your mattress then you can visit online Flo mattresses website and select anyone from hundreds of options. 

How can you wake up fresh with a Flo mattress?

Flo mattresses are designed to serve the purpose for all conditions, any people and any bed. In fact it is available in all possible sizes and customized sizes. These mattresses have got a reversible design for all variants so both of its sides can be used. The best part is this mattress is that it also comes with a zipper cover that is infused with Aloe vera gel. This not only ensures a healthy and glowing skin but it also helps to maintain better hygiene as you can open and wash these covers.

These Flo mattresses are mainly made up of the supreme quality of foam to make you feel comfortable and cozy while being on bed. Based on the foam quality, there are two variants of mattresses available – Ergo and Ortho mattresses. Ergo mattresses are designed for people who want softer ergonomic support for their body whereas, ortho mattresses are for people who are suffering from certain medical conditions like any kind of pain in the body.




How To Sleep Well With Flo Mattress?

Do you crave to sleep well at night? There is no doubt that sound sleep at night is one of the most important parts of our life. A tight sleep can make you feel more energetic and productive throughout the day while poor sleep can create a negative impact on your life. It has been scientifically proven that sleep can not only create an impact on your physical health, but it can also affect your mental health. A slight deficiency in sleep can take a toll on all your daytime energy, productivity, emotional balance, and even weight.  

There are a lot of unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices that can keep you sleepless at night and affect your mood directly. In fact, it may also create some adverse effects on your brain, heart and even your immunity system. 

Following are some instructions that can let you sleep well at night-

  • Maintain the body’s natural sleep cycle- It is very important to maintain the body’s natural sleep cycle if you really want to feel refreshed and energized in the morning. You must make sure that you do not change your sleeping schedule by an hour or two. If you can develop this healthy habit then your body’s internal clock can be set which can highly affect your sleep time. For weekends, sleep schedules may differ and that is how your internal sleep schedule may change. In that case, you can make up for your night sleep in a daytime with  15 to 20 minutes of nap rather than sleeping for extra hours in the morning. 
  • Maintain the light exposure in the room- It is very crucial that we maintain the exposure of light in your room at different times of the day. Like try having your breakfast or coffee in an absolute sunny atmosphere. It is very important to spend more time outdoors in bright light than at night. You must keep your curtains open all day to keep your room bright and sunny.  On the contrary at night right before you go to sleep, avoid the light emitted by your phone, tablet or computer. Also, make sure that your bedroom is completely dark and has no distracting light. 
  • Exercise during the day- Exercising is an integral part of our life that highly affects your sleeping cycle. Regular exercises can not only help you stay fit and healthy but it also makes you feel less sleepy during the day. However, if you are not really okay with vigorous exercises, then 10 minutes of brisk walk may also help you to sleep well at night. Well, Rome was not built in a day, so it takes a lot of time to develop a habit. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet- Another most important factor that affects sleep quality is diet. If you are addicted to caffeine, then you must know that caffeine can actually hamper your sleep quality and you may run almost ten to twelve hours late. Smoking is also another distraction for your sleep because nicotine is actually a stimulant. Dinner time must ideally be two hours before you go to sleep. Spicy foods must be avoided as that can cause heartburn or other issues that can disrupt your peaceful sleep. Consumption of alcohol, too many fluids or even lots of sugar can result may disrupt you to sleep well at night.
  • Keep all your stress and tension out of your bedroom- If you are one of them who cannot sleep due to excessive stress, anger and tension then try getting rid of this situation. Unwinding complications at night in your mind might seem peaceful but this will not let you sleep well. To avoid a situation like this, start developing a relaxation technique like listening to slow music or even taking a warm bath. Try solving your problems during the day and keep yourself away from constantly checking your phone at night while in bed as that takes you away from your sweet dreams.
  • Improve your sleep environment- A peaceful sleep is very imperative. There are thousands of ways to improve your sleep at night and out of all, improving the sleep environment is the most crucial one. Your bedroom must be cool and calm, but it is true that you cannot eliminate sound from traffic. In that case, you just need to cover up the sound with music or fan or even earplugs if that works for you. The best temperature to sleep at night is 18 degree Celsius which is like not too cold or not too hot, but the ideal temperature to sleep well. 
  • Make a comfortable bed for the night- A comfortable, clean and dust-free bed is something we all love at the end of the day. Uncomfortable mattresses might really wear you down and make your night horrible. If you really want to avoid that, then choose comfortable mattress like a Flo mattress that can ensure a night of sound sleep. 

The super responsive Flo mattress has been designed with a highly responsive foam base that is highly responsive to pressure. This means the more pressure exerted on the mattress the more it hugs your body to make you feel super comfortable. The Flo mattress also comes with a fabric cover that is infused with Aloe vera gel that keeps your skin look hydrated and young. 

Flo mattresses are available at the online store at a much reasonable price. This is available in two variants- Ergo and Ortho mattresses. The Ergo mattress is for people who prefer softer support to the body while the Ortho mattress is specially designed for people who are suffering from certain conditions like neck ache, back or lower back pain, shoulder pain, etc. The best part about this mattress is a 100-night sleep trial, so if you are not contemplated with their mattress you can return the product and get a full refund. The manufacturer is pretty confident about their product and so it provides a 10-year warranty that also covers any manufacturing defects. What are you thinking about? Get a Flo mattress for you and sleep well!