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How to Clean Your Mattress After You’ve Been Sick?

How To Clean Mattress After you've been sick

Cleaning your mattress is a crucial task especially when you’ve been sick for a long time. Getting well after a break will make you feel like there is lots of piled up work. Grocery shopping, managing the bills and the endless list continues. But do you think to clean your mattress after an illness?

When you’re sick, germs spread all over the mattress and do not go just by swapping the sheets. However, just washing the sheets won’t work, so it’s important to take some time to clean your mattress once you recover.

Regular cleaning can remove allergens, dust and bacteria which can prevent various other disorders. To keep the mattress safe, healthy and clean, you need to manage cleaning as well as sorting other problems like spots, stains, odour etc.

Keeping your mattress clean is important but not very difficult. All you need to do is wash your bedding regularly, vacuum it and add a mattress protector.

Signs That Indicate You Need to Clean Your Mattress

  • Dirt Accumulated on the mattress
  • Feeling allergic during sleep
  • Bugs or bites on your body
  • Odour from Mattress
  • Stains 

If you don’t notice any of these signs still you should clean it every few months to keep it fresh and avoid the buildup of dust, dirt and bacteria.

Change Your Sheets

Remove sheets and toss them in the washing machine. Change them more often, if you’re sick or you notice any stain.  Wash your sheets in hot water so it will be free from dust mites. The fresh clean and hygienic sheets will give you a good feel and you’ll also stop the spread of germs if you wash them right after the recovery from your illness.

Open the Windows 

Pull off the curtains and open the windows. It will promote better airflow that will keep away bacteria from settling into the mattress. Good sunlight is a natural disinfectant and it will prevent the germs on the bed.  To maximize access to warmth, sun and air, you can take the mattress outside for a few hours.

Vacuum Your Mattress

Wipe down the infested surface. Scrape the surface with a vacuum. The buildup of dust and allergens on the mattress can cause germs that may make you sick. So, it’s a good idea to get rid of those through a vacuum. Pull out a vacuum and clean up the mites or dander that might be hiding in your mattress.

Sanitize the Surface

Mattress's freshness is important. You should clean the spot, stains quickly and effectively to avoid damaging your mattress. A small steam cleaner is a perfect step to get rid of germs and dust mites. Do it over the surface and let it get in all the corners. Make sure to clean the spots with a damp cloth and water and some gentle dish soap. Sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress and leave it for a few hours. It will absorb odour and freshen your mattress giving you an awesome sleeping experience.

Use a Mattress Protector

To protect your mattress against germs can be best done with a mattress cover. This will prevent the microbes and germs from the surface of your bed and keep it clean which prevents you from getting sick.

Not only it will keep sickness at bay but it will also give you a good night's sleep. So, enjoy germ-free and better night sleep.

To maximize both protection and comfort, consider the Flo Aloe Vera Gel Infused Waterproof Mattress Protector. This innovative protector offers all the benefits of a standard protector, plus the added comfort of a soft, aloe vera infused surface. 

Ways to Clean Your Mattress

Do you look out for the easy ways to clean your mattress? Though it’s a challenging task but it can be done easily. You simply cannot throw your mattress into a washing machine. You need to handle it with care to keep allergies at bay. Here are some easy ways to properly clean your memory foam mattress.

  1. Use Vacuum Cleaner

A Vacuum cleaner can save your lot of effort. You can use it to remove any dust on the mattress surface. Place the mattress on a clean, dry, smooth surface and clean with vacuum cleaner on both sides for better results.

  1. Spot Clean

Clean dark spots with white vinegar and water solution. Use a damp cloth to scrub the area and remove the spot completely. Rub the detergent in such a manner that it saturates into the stain to dissolve it from inside. Leave it for some time and then spray water onto the area to remove the soapy layer.

Another cleaning solution is baking soda mixed with water. You can use it to clear the stains as well as the area around the stained space. Leave your mattress in an airy room to make it dry.

  1. Mattress Top Cover

With a top cover, you can keep your bedding nice and clean. It also keeps your mattress in perfect shape. You can easily remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine.

When to Replace Your Mattress?

In order to clean the spot and stains, bed bugs and dust mites, it’s good to clean the mattress instead of replacing it. Buying a new mattress is a bit expensive rather than cleaning it. However, sometimes it’s not worth just cleaning it as it becomes too rough to use. So, if the mattress shows these signs you can think to replace it:


Sleeping on a mattress covered with mold can cause a serious health hazards. So, it’s a good idea to just start fresh with a new mattress instead of using a dirty one.

Bed bugs:

Check for the bed bugs and if you catch and remove them, you can keep your treated mattress. However, bed bug infestation can cause serious health ailments. So, it’s better to remove the mattress full of bed bugs to prevent it from spreading at home. Also, remember if your mattress is gone still the bed bugs will remain at home. So, you need to follow proper methods to eliminate bed bugs before you bring in a new mattress.

Old mattress:

To keep the mattress in good condition you need to take care of it. Clean the stain and spots to maintain it well. But if the mattress has completed its lifespan and is damaged, it’s time to change it. Most mattresses can be used only for 7-10 years with all its benefits. If you’re finding cleaning an old mattress a trivial task then consider buying a new mattress online.

Mattress Warranty

Mattress cleanliness is crucial as it impacts the warranty. It is the sole responsibility of an owner to clean the mattress because it extends the life of the mattress as well as prevents wear and tear issues too.

Before buying a mattress online, you need to make sure about the warranty about the stains and overall cleanliness. Follow the suggestions which the company offers to keep the mattress clean.

A clean mattress provides a comfortable sleeping surface. You can easily sleep enjoying the luxury of the quality mattress keeping it clean. With these changes, you’ll surely get the best of out your mattress for a longer period. Enjoy happy & healthy sleeping hours!

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